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Manaras Radio Receiver Rolling Code 390 MHz

  • Designed for multiple access communities and commercial buildings.
  • Compatible with up to 1000 remote controls per receiver.
  • Compatible with RADIO-EM101 and RADIO-EM103 SD/MD and KEYLESS042.
  • Each transmitter can be individually added deleted or temporarily disabled. .......more details

Manaras Hazardous Location Modification

  • For electromechanical control only
  • For indoor use in hazardous locations

Micanan Wall Mounted Control Panel Mod (R) Contactor

  • Standard features include N-4/12 - 20" x 16" x 8" panel B-2 C-2 wiring 24V controls hinged cover backplate and primary fuses in panel

Micanan Non-Resetable Analogue Counter 24V

  • Monitors door cycles

Micanan High Cycle Modification Jackshaft Models PRO-J / H only

  • For installations with high frequency usage
  • Double V-belt cast iron flanged precision bearings on all shafts and delay on reverse circuit
  • Supplied with #50 chain

Micanan Wiring for Quick Close Feature Modification

  • When a door is fully open if photocell or loop is activated then cleared the door closes immediately.
  • Available modification on R M only

Manaras Non-Resettable Counter Modification Inside Control Box

  • An electromechanical counter is activated to count each complete door cycle.

Manaras Double Limit Switches Mod. (Per Side)

  • An extra SPDT pole is available to control auxiliary features such as lights fans etc..
  • The additional pole must be specified on either the normally open and/or normally close contact as well as on the opening and/or closing sides
  • Modification upcharge is charged per side

Manaras Time Delay Mod. 1.5 Sec 24V for Contactor Models

  • To be ordered in conjunction with a commercial operator
  • Order MODKIT003 for field upgrades

Micanan Hand Crank Handle 6' Long

  • For hand crank operation in lieu of hand chain and pocket wheel

Micanan Hand Crank for Gearhead Jackshafts PRO-GH PRO-GHC

  • Provides for hand crank operation in lieu of hand chain and pocket wheel

Micanan Nema 4X Modification

  • This modification provides a washdown motor N-4X corrosion proof stainless steel control box enclosure waterproof drive and limit chain and a corrosion proof three-button station.
  • For options M & U Micanan N-4X photocells are supplied

Micanan In-Line Torque Clutch Assembly (MP00232)

  • Friction clutch mounted in between motor and reducer flange
  • Comes with cover and studs
  • New part number MP00232

Micanan Two-Door Interlock Modification

  • Only allows one door to be opened at one time

Manaras Monitored Entrapment Protection Option Upgrade Mont + N4/12 Eyes

  • Upgrades added when purchasing a commercial operator

Micanan Variable Speed Modification Up-Charge

  • Variable Frequency Drive modification for commercial operators

LiftMaster Timer Kit for TS Wiring

  • Field mod. kit

LiftMaster Single Button Control Mod. Field Kit Mod. Logic

  • Field service mod. for adding single button feature to medium duty logic operators

LiftMaster Manual Hoist Mod. M8 #41 Chain for 14ft High Door

  • For 3/4 Hp & 1 Hp Trolley operators
  • Includes floor level brake release cable 1" x 12' round bar.

LiftMaster Manual Hoist Mod. M8 #41 Chain for 16ft High Door

  • For 3/4 Hp & 1 Hp Trolley operators
  • Includes floor level brake release cable 1" x 12' round bar.