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Micanan Nema 4/12 Modification

  • This modification provides a TEFC motor N4/12 watertight/oiltight control enclosure waterproof drive and limit chain and a watertight/oiltight three-button station.

LiftMaster Non-Resettable Counter Field Kit

  • A 6-digit non-resettable 24VAC electro-mechanical counter is mounted in the operator control enclosure.
  • This devise counts the number of times the CLOSE coil is energized or whenever the operator reaches an auxiliary open limit switch.
  • This corresponds to the number of complete door cycles of use.

Manaras Factory Installed Mod plug-in receiver for Board 70 operators 390 MHz

  • Direct ECB plug-in receiver card (factory installed)
  • 16 transmitters maximun per receiver.
  • Use part # RADIO-KIT004 when adding or replacing on-site.
  • This is now standard equipment on all Circuit board operators