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Genie Network Adapter GN-BX

  • To be used in conjunction with Closed Confirm remote.
  • For use on IntelliG® and TriloG(TM) Pro Series models when using any Genie-Net Accessory.

Skylink Transmitter / Receiver Set Rolling Code

  • Generates new code each time you push the button these codes never to be repeated.
  • 99.99% works with most brands of garage door openers.
  • Ideal replacement for older or obsolete models.
  • Electronic scanners "code grabber" cannot duplicate the operating code. .......more details

Skylink Multi-Function Wall Console

  • For use with the Skylink garage door openers.
  • Oversized Push Button for activating the garage door opener.
  • Activate opener light on/off and the light will remain on until the button is pressed again.
  • Feature with Lock function to ignore all radio signals for added security. .......more details

Marantec Universal Receiver / Remote Kit 315 MHz

  • Universal receiver kit includes one plug-in radio receiver and one M3-2312 remote control transmitter
  • Universal receiver plugs directly into the wall outlet
  • Same as part # 73870

Linear Single Delta Radio Kit

  • Kit includes one DT transmitter and one DR receiver
  • Same as: DNP00011 o Operates on 24 VAC power
  • One channel
  • Codes: 1024 (set by dip switches) .......more details

Linear Double Delta Radio Kit

  • Kit includes two DT remotes and one DR receiver
  • Same as: DNP00006 o Operates on 24 VAC power
  • Codes: 1024 (set by dip switches)
  • RF frequency: 310 MHz .......more details