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LiftMaster Motor Kit ATS211

  • Also known as: K75-16424 41D4509 123D0155 123D155

LiftMaster Reset Switch and Harness SL595

  • For model SL595 slide gate operators

LiftMaster Electric Motor 1/2 HP 115/230V 1Ph L3 L4

  • Standard 1/2 hp motor

LiftMaster Antenna 315MHz

  • Fits SL595

LiftMaster Clutch Shaft Kit

  • Clutch Shaft Kit 3/4 & 1 HP Trolley operators
  • Complete with: Clutch Plate Clutch Shaft Bearing 3/4' I.D. Sprocket 41B10x3/4' 5L Belt Motor Pulley Spring Clutch Disk Shim Washers Castle Nut Flatwashers Cotter Pin Roll Pins and Push on Fastener

LiftMaster Solenoid Link


LiftMaster Idler Shaft (1)

  • Fits SL595
  • Two are required per operator

LiftMaster Electric Motor 1/2 HP 115/230V 1P Base Mount

  • Replacement motor for APT
  • Also known as 20-1050B-2RL 20-1050B-2R K20-1050B2R

LiftMaster Electric Motor 1/2 HP 115V 1Ph Logic 5

  • Standard 1/2 hp motor for new L5 operators

LiftMaster Trolley-Slider Assembly (08-10169)

  • For LiftMaster trolley models MT T GT
  • Also known as # 08-10169

LiftMaster Illumintaed Wall Button 2 wire Universal

  • 2 wire wall button for all openers that will activate by connecting the two wires together.

LiftMaster Cogged Vbelt 4L 29"


LiftMaster Reset Switch with ID Resistor

  • For use with LiftMaster LA500 Series swing gate operators
  • Includes ID resistor kit
  • Includes LA500 product ID

LiftMaster Limit Switch Shaft Kit

  • For models MT BMT MJ MH and MHS logic control
  • Kit includes: limit shaft limit nuts limit bearings limit sprocket washers compression ring roll pin and e-ring

LiftMaster Reset Switch

  • Compatible with LiftMaster RSW12UL CSW24V swing gate operators
  • Switch to Reset/Disconnect position to disconnect the operator for manual operation
  • Switch to Normal Operation position to return to automatic gate operator functions
  • Dimensions: 3/4" L x 3/8" W x 2" H

LiftMaster Hall Effect Sensor for SL575 & SL585

  • Hall effect assembly for SL540/570/580/575/585 operators with GL Board
  • Includes: screws flat washers lock washers and replacement instructions
  • Same as: G74G0487

LiftMaster Alarm Kit for SL575/585/595

  • Kit includes Alarm Spacer and Faston

LiftMaster 2.6-3.7 Amp Overload Fuse

  • For models: SL595-200-53

LiftMaster Interior Mount Brake Assembly 230-460V

  • Assembly includes: Brake Hub Kit Brake Release Lever Brake Disk Spring Cup Studs Compression Springs Brake Solenoid Solenoid Cover Spacers Mounting Plate Pressure Plate Feather Key Conduit.
  • Works on LiftMaster trolley garage door openers

LiftMaster Brake Kit 575V with Solenoid Field Install SL585 and SL595

  • Kit comes complete with: Brake hub kit brake release lever brake disk spring cup studs compression springs brake solenoid solenoid cover spacers mounting plate pressure plate feather key and conduit.