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Genie Carriage Release Assembly Belt Drive

  • Carriage slide sold seperately- part number 27175B o This carriage is used for Genie and Overhead chain and belt channel rails

Genie Carriage Slide Only

  • Carriage NOT included. Carriage part number 20462R
  • Compatible with Genie GPS and PMX belt drive models

Genie Limit Switch Chain Drive

  • Compatible with the following operators: PMX700 GPS700-IC PMX1200 GPS1200-IC PMLD500 PMX500-IC/B PMX300-IC/B IC250/B PMX60-65-70-75-80-85-300IC-500IC-IC250 among others
  • For chain drive models with internal limits

Genie Chain Drive Dog Limits 3-PKG

  • Replacement limits for older model Genie Chain Drive openers with steel T-Rail assembly
  • Replaces the clip-on limit switch
  • Limit dogs external rail-mounted limit switches

LiftMaster Chain Spreader

  • For models 2575 3575 3275 PD752 PD758 and others

Genie Chain Bullet

  • Compatible with: Genie - PMX60 PMX65 PMX80 PMX85 PMX300-IC/A & B IC250 IC250B PMX500-IC/A & IC/B ALC SERIES RCD SERIES
  • Overhead Door - 496 496CD (/A&B ) 696 (/A&B) 777 777CD
  • PASSPORT 286-386 286CD-386CD
  • Connects the two chain ends and also is the piece that the carriage engages

Genie Motor Start Capacitor 220V 70MFD (37954R)

  • Compatible with most Genie 1/2 HP model garage door openers

Genie Motor Start Capacitor 220VAC 50-60 MFD

  • Compatible with most 1/3 HP Genie & Overhead operators

Genie Screw Drive Carriage Assembly

  • Compatible with the following models: GPower 900 TriloG 1200 TriloG 1500 PowerMax 1200 PowerMax 1500
  • Works with Screw Drive Shuttle assembly part # 36664R - sold seperately

Genie Screw Drive Shuttle Assembly

  • Compatible with the following models: GPower 900 TriloG 1200 TriloG 1500 PowerMax 1200 PowerMax 1500
  • Works with Screw Drive carriage assembly part # 37845R - sold seperatelty

LiftMaster 7ft Belt Assembly for Models '93-2000

  • Full 7' belt assembly for models 1270 1280 and 1280R

Genie Control Board for Model 2022 ** Repl. by 39537R.S (no cover)

  • For ReliaG 800 model 2022 gaarage door opener ® Genie 37028A Control Board for Genie Models 2022 2024 and 2042 Chain / Belt Drive Openers
  • Works for the following models only:
  • ReliaG 800 (2024) PRO Series 1 Piece Rail
  • QuietLift 800 (2042) .......more details

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board

  • For low profile screw drive models with one light
  • Fits models 2110 2220

LiftMaster Pushbar for 398LMC **to extent of inventory **

  • Removable Push Bar Cover for the 398LMC Smart Control Panel

LiftMaster Service Belt Tensioner


Stanley Magnet Assembly for Quiet Glide


LiftMaster Travel Module (8500 3800P 3800PLD & 3900)

  • Works on model 8500

LiftMaster Transformer

  • For model 8500
  • 120V / 150 VA

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly

  • For belt drive unit model 3500 (315MHz)
  • Assembly includes: Board end panel and light socket

LiftMaster Terminal Block with Screws

  • For model 8355