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LiftMaster Sprocket Cover

  • Sprocket Cover Replacement Kit for use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster Belt Sprocket Cover Kit


LiftMaster Belt Cap Retainer

  • Same as 41C4371

LiftMaster Chain Spreader Kit

  • Chain Spreader Replacement Kit.
  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Chain drive garage door opener models.
  • Complete kit includes: Chain spreader replacement screws and washers.
  • Also known as: 41A4208 41A4208-2 062210

LiftMaster Wiring Harness Kit High Voltage

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® AC Chain Drive Garage Door Openers; manufactured after 2001

LiftMaster Wiring Harness Kit Low Voltage

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster Screw Drive Coupling K025C0020


LiftMaster Dual Gear & Sprocket Assembly

  • This complete kit is compatible with 3/4HP LiftMaster® Models 8587/8587W; and various dual AC chain drive garage door openers.
  • Kit includes: helical gear and top hat assembly worm gear wear bushings grease and hardware needed to replace the chain drive gears.

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly

  • Assembly includes: Circuit board and end panel
  • For chain drive units with one light
  • Fits models 2245 & 2255
  • Last letter of the part # indicates revision date the most recent product will be sent out

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board Sec+2.0 Non-MyQ

  • 047DCT is a replacement Security 2.0® receiver logic board.
  • This replacement board does not feature MyQ® technology.
  • This 315MHz receiver logic board is compatible with various LiftMaster® AC chain drive and belt drive garage door openers; made after 2011.
  • The unit will feature a yellow learn button.

LiftMaster Belt Pulley Bracket Kit

  • Works on models 1270. 1280 & 1280R

LiftMaster Travel Module Kit 3/4 Hp

  • A one piece travel module replacement kit.
  • Compatible with 3/4HP LiftMaster® Models 8557 & 8587 and various AC chain and belt drive garage door openers
  • Same as 041D7742-5

LiftMaster Light Lens for 8500


LiftMaster 8ft Belt Assembly for Models '93-2000

  • For use with LiftMaster belt drive models 1270 1280 1280R.
  • Full belt assembly
  • For use with Chamberlain belt drive models 8100 8200 and 9200.
  • For standard 8 foot high garage doors .......more details

LiftMaster Chain Pulley Bracket Kit

  • Also known as: 1B3214 1A2780 1C2762 41A2780 41B3214
  • Compatible with ATS 2595 3595 models

LiftMaster Door Bracket Kit

  • Also known as: 12C582 12B198 12B374 062265 41A5047 12B374-2
  • Includes door bracket clevis pin and lock ring

LiftMaster Square Rail Trolley Kit

  • Same as: 062313 41C5141 41C5141-1
  • Compatible with all Chamberlain and Craftsman square rail chain drive models

LiftMaster Gear & Sprocket Assembly for 2595 3595

  • Dual sprocket assembly for 3/4 HP chain drive operators.
  • Kit includes: Spring and thrust washer retaining ring bearing plate (2) roll pins dual drive and worm gear helical gear (with retainer) and grease.
  • For use Chamberlain Liftmaster chain drive models: 2595/3595/3595S

LiftMaster Hardware Installation Bag for 3800


LiftMaster Universal Replacement Motor and Bracket Assembly

  • Same as 41A4842
  • Replacement for 3280 1/2 hp motor