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Automatic Systems Rising Barrier Gate with 14'9" Round Arm

  • Orientation of the arm (right or left) must be specified when ordering

Automatic Systems Universal Perimeter Raising Barrier Gate with Heater 120V

  • Highly configurable barrier designed for many applications and environments
  • Numerous accessories offered allowing to meet various installation constraints and various requirements in terms of security
  • Barrier equipped with control unit allowing operation perfectly adapted to every situation
  • Change of configuration or operation possible even after initial installation of the product

Industrial Slide Gate Operator Variable Speed 1 HP 240V 1 Ph with Heater

  • Heavy-duty alminum cabinet Nema 3R
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Adjustable friction clutch
  • Thermostat controlled heater .......more details

NICE Big-Metro Single Arm Kit

  • For swing gates with leaves up to 5 m
  • Underground installation.
  • BM5024 Motor: Irreversible 24 Vdc with magnetic encoder complete with connecting lever and mechanical stop for the closing manoeuvre.
  • Compatible with 2 foundation metro boxes externally chamfered with mechanical stop on opening: in stainless steel (BMBOXI) ideal for use in extreme conditions and with the new cataphoresis paint finish (BMBOX) highly resistant to corrosion. .......more details

FAAC Hydraulic Swing-Leaf Gate Operator S450H 24VDC

  • Hydraulic operator for residential and condominium swing gates with single-leaf max width of 3 m (SB) and 2 m (CBAC).

FAAC 400 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator 115V Reburbished

  • Refurbished unit.
  • Tank body

Lux 2B Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator 120V UL/CSA

  • Leaf Weight: Up to 660 lbs (300 Kg)
  • Leaf Length: Up to 10ft (3 m)
  • Opening / Closing time: 17 seconds

FAAC Gearmotor for Sliding Gates Model 844 230V 1p

  • Gearmotor for sliding gates with max. weight of 1800 kg
  • 44 ER Z16 for rack applications
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial applications
  • Anti-crushing safety .......more details

FAAC Steel Rack for Model 844 Operator