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LiftMaster 3-btn Security+ Transmitter 390MHz - DISCONTINUED

  • 390 MHz Secruty three button visor tranmsitter
  • Compatible with Security systems including Chamberlain Sears Craftsman and Raynor Openers (Safety Signal) manufactured 1997-2005
  • Visor clip and battery included (part # CR2032)
  • Same as 973LM 96LM 953CB 956CB .......more details

LiftMaster 2-btn Security+ Transmitter 315 MHz ****Discontinued - Replaced by 892LT**

  • Both buttons feature Security rolling code technology
  • Compatible with models manufactured from 2005
  • Second button can learn other shared Liftmaster radio-controlled devices.
  • Includes visor clip and Lithium battery CR2032 .......more details

LiftMaster 2-btn Security+ Transmitter 390 MHz ***Discontinued

  • Both buttons feature Security rolling code technology
  • Compatible with models manufactured from 2005
  • Second button can learn other shared Liftmaster radio-controlled devices.
  • Includes visor clip and Lithium battery CR2032

LiftMaster 4-btn Sec+ Transmitter 315 MHz - DISC

  • Compatible with wireless keypad model number 377LMC
  • Compatible with Liftmaster garage door opener model numbers 3595 3585 3575 3500 3280 3265 3220 3255 3245 3110 1356 1355 1346 1345 ATS2113X ATS2113X-CX HCT501130 LGO50113O LGO50113L LGO50113R LGO50113XR
  • This transmitter is replaced by 894LT

LiftMaster Wireless Keyless Entry 390 MHz - DISCONTINUED

  • Wireless Keyless Entry with 390 MHz rolling code
  • Compatible with all 390 MHz Chamberlain (LiftMaster) residential and commercial door openers and gate operators
  • Mounts easily to the door jamb with two screws
  • Compatible with Security Systems with amber learn LED .......more details

LiftMaster Universal Radio Control Receiver 390 MHz ***Discontinued

  • Over 100 billion possible codes makes it impossible to duplicate the frequency
  • Jumper option for momentary or constant relay contact
  • Specifically for use with most 3-wire systems without a transformer
  • Accepts up tp 8 Security remote control codes and one keyless entry .......more details

Marantec Universal Receiver / Remote Kit 315 MHz

  • Universal receiver kit includes one plug-in radio receiver and one M3-2312 remote control transmitter
  • Universal receiver plugs directly into the wall outlet
  • Same as part # 73870

Erone Wiegand Receiver 433 MHz

  • 26 bit
  • 12-24V AC/DC input voltage

Genie Intellicode 3-Button Remote 37517S 390 MHz

  • Replaces Series II GIT-1 GIT-2 & GIT-3
  • Battery Instructions Visor Clip Included
  • Note: Only the far right of the three buttons (1 dot button) will operate those older Genie Intellicode units built from 1995 through 1997.
  • If you have a Genie unit built in 1995 1996 or 1997 this is the only remote that Genie presently makes to operate the Genie garage door openers built during these years. .......more details

Marantec 2-Button Transmitter 315 MHz 97243

  • Same as part # 65892 and 97243
  • Includes battery CR2032

Marantec 3-Button Transmitter 315 MHz 97245

  • Same as part # 65894 and 97245
  • Includes battery CR2032

Marantec 4-Button Transmitter 315 MHz 97244

  • Same as part # 65893 and 97244
  • Keychain or visor mount
  • Includes battery CR2032

Marantec Programming Connector

  • Programming connector for use with M3 remotes and Wireless Keyless Entry. Also used with M13 Wireless Keyless Entry

Marantec Programming Wire - Old to New

  • Used when programming old style remotes to the newer style 3 series remotes and Wireless Keypads.

Marantec New Wireless Keyless Entry 315 MHz 104053

  • Will replace the older model M3-631 (104053) keyless entry.
  • New model features 4 inputs 99 valet codes
  • Lockable sliding door programming connector no longer required
  • Every key lights up closes door without passcode .......more details

Marantec Modular Receiver 315 MHz **Now replaced by 97329

  • Will work with any garage door opener
  • Receiver plugs into a standard 120V outlet
  • 2-wires connect to the wall button or the opener
  • Only available in 315 MHz. Be sure to check which frequency is required

Genie Dual Frequency Intellicode Receiver 315 MHz & 390 MHz

  • For Genie Intellicode Rolling Code remotes Or Overhead Door Code Dodger remotes using the 315 or 390MHz frequency.
  • 24-Volt 3-Wire Connection For Garage Door Opener And Gate Openers.
  • Accepts Up To 8 Genie Intellicode Or Overhead Door Code Dodger remotes on 315 or 390MHz Frequency.

Linear 1-Channel Block Coded MegaCode Key Ring Transmitter 318 MHz

  • Compatible with all Linear access receivers and controllers
  • Supplied with quick-disconnect key ring
  • Power: Two CR2016 batteries incl.
  • Codes: Factory block coded in MegaCode format .......more details

Linear MegaCode Exterior Wireless Keypad 318 MHz

  • MDKP can transmit a unique signal for each 1-6 digit PIN code entered.
  • It has a built-in radio transmitter with a 250-foot range in line-of-sight conditions.
  • Access codes are programmed into the access controller or receiver the maximum number of codes possible depends on the receiver model used.
  • Features Include: .......more details

Linear MegaCode Gate Safety Edge Transmitter 318 MHz

  • The MGT is the industry's only fully supervised gate safety edge transmitter.
  • It automatically sends an hourly status report to the access controller indicating battery condition and if the transmitter is operational.
  • Should the edge sensor be disconnected shorted or tampered with the MGT will report a trouble condition.
  • Features Include: .......more details