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Steel-Faced Laminated Bumper Black 6" Projection Vertical Installation 20" x 11" Sold Individually

Item #: LVB620-11SF

Manufacturer: Misc Garage Door Dock & Gate

List price: $302.95

  • Used on docks where excessive friction from up and down trailer
  • ovement occurs (yard jockeys air ride trailers etc.).
  • Can be used in material handling application where medium to heavy dock
  • rotection is required.
  • 5/8" anchor bolts mounted through pre-drilled holes into dock or can be
  • elded to curb angle.
  • Steel face is 3/8" thick heavy duty high carbon steel that is mounted over a laminated dock bumper.
  • Plate to be welded to 2 or 3 steel support brackets which are to extend back to the 3/4" supporting rods.
  • Brackets to be punched with elongated holes to allow steel face to "float" upon impact.
  • Size: 11" w x 20" h