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Cable Drum High Lift 54" 400-54HL Specialty Coated Pair

  • Use for Commercial Highlift Doors
  • Maximum Door Height 120" Highlift
  • Maximum Highlift 54"
  • Lifting Weight Per Drum 275 lbs. .......more details

Cable Drum Standard Lift 12' Specialty Coated 400-12 Pair

  • Use for Commercial Standard Lift Doors
  • Maximum Door Height 12'1"
  • Lifting Weight Per Drum 375 lbs.
  • Resists Chemical/Moisture Corrosion .......more details

Raw Vertical Track 2" 13'-4" Sold per Piece


Raw Vertical Track 2" 9'-4" Sold per Piece


Solid Shaft 1-1/4" Keyed 24 ft

  • Maximum length for a solid shaft is 24ft
  • Actual length is approx. 24'-1"

Raw Vertical Track 2" 10'-0" Sold per Piece


Wayne Dalton Bottom Bracket for Model 125 3" Track Sold as a Pair

  • Bottom bracket consists of #309925 313295 and 313296

Barlock Hardware Bag Only for Doors Under 12ft

  • Does NOT include the locking bars

Barlock Hardware Bag Only for Doors Over 12ft

  • Does NOT include the locking bars

Cable 1/4" 7x19 250' Stainless Steel


3/32" Stops ONLY 100/pkg

  • Stops only 100 per pack
  • For pairs of Stops & Sleeves use part number CBB332

Cable 5/32" 7x19 5000' Galvanized Supreme

  • Galvanized cable 5/32" 7x19 5000ft spool.
  • Cable break strength: 2800 lbs
  • A higher quality cable compared to the Chinese cable.
  • Meets endurance test requirements of over 35000 work cycles .......more details

Decorative Hinge Apen-V3 Style 16" Stamped Steel Sold per piece

  • As seen on carriage house doors

Decorative Pull Handle Aspen-V3 Style 10-1/4" Stamped Steel Sold per piece

  • As seem on carriage house doors

Laminated Bumper Standard Black 12" x 12" 4" Projection Horizontal Installation

  • For use in low to medium traffic loading docks in factories and warehouses.
  • Can be used as rub rails at the sides of truck wells
  • Fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from recycled truck tires.
  • Rubber pads laminated between steel angles and secured with 3/4" rods .......more details

Chain Hoist Shaft Mount 1-1/4" Shaft 4:1 JR Torque Force

  • Shaft Mounted Junior Hoist
  • 4:1 Reduced Drive
  • Sprocket: 41B36. Bore size: 1-1/4" diameter
  • Cross Reference: OMI 4020 .......more details

Keyed Disconnect Device 6ft Cable

  • Operated from the outside to disconnect the trolley for manual operation of the door
  • Must specify if keyed alike is required or keyed random will be shipped
  • Mounting plate dimensions: 2 1/2" x 1 3/32"

Molded Rubber Bumper Black 18" L x 10" W 4" Projection 2-Hole Sold Individually

  • Manufactured from reinforced prime rubber
  • Rectangular horizontal mount
  • 4-1/2" depth
  • Ideal for light traffic loading docks. .......more details

Exhaust Port 3" long barrel

  • For use on insulated door panels up to 2" thick.
  • Inside diameter: 3" Includes fasteners & gaskets.
  • Polished aluminum finish.

Cable 5/32" 7x19 5000' Stainless Steel