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LiftMaster Square Rail Trolley Kit

  • Same as: 062313 41C5141 41C5141-1
  • Compatible with all Chamberlain and Craftsman square rail chain drive models

LiftMaster Gear & Sprocket Assembly for 2595 3595

  • Dual sprocket assembly for 3/4 HP chain drive operators.
  • Kit includes: Spring and thrust washer retaining ring bearing plate (2) roll pins dual drive and worm gear helical gear (with retainer) and grease.
  • For use Chamberlain Liftmaster chain drive models: 2595/3595/3595S

LiftMaster Hardware Installation Bag for 3800


Genie Inner Slide Bullet and Retainer Kit Belt Drive

  • Kit includes part # 28018A and # 28019A
  • Fits Many Genie and Overhead Door Belt Drive Openers with C Rail
  • Includes 1 Belt Bullet and 2 Retainers

LiftMaster Universal Replacement Motor and Bracket Assembly

  • Same as 41A4842
  • Replacement for 3280 1/2 hp motor

LiftMaster Light Lens 108D0079M

  • Replaces 108D68 and 108D68-1

Linear LDCO Control Board BBU Compatible


LiftMaster Light Lens

  • Compatible with one light operators
  • Compatible with the following Liftmaster models: 1040 1045 1055 100WD 200WD 1140 1145 1155 110WD 210WD3 1240 1245 1255 215WD 15WD 1240R 1245R 1255R 985 1046 1146 1246 1246R 1056 1156 1256 and 1256R
  • Compatible with the following Chamberlain models: 2000 2100 and 2200
  • Dimensions are 7-1/4" wide X 4-3/4" high X 3" deep

Genie Belt Drive Sprocket Assembly

  • Complete assembly for the belt sprocket on top of the machine.
  • Works with the following models: IntelliG 1200 and IntelliG 1000

Allstar Rear Idler Sprocket

  • Allstar Allister Rear Idler Sprocket new # 009145 replaces X145
  • for Allstar/Allister models including ARD-II A Access 200/250 Access 2000/2500 Access 3000/3500 PDQ and Allister Century Series 310/510/710

LiftMaster Opener Assembly Hardware Kit

  • Kit includes screws for various residential chain drive models

LiftMaster Hardware Kit


Overhead Limit Cam Snap On for OHD Chain Model

  • For Overhead models #456 #551 #556 and the #65 series
  • Also called Limit Actuator
  • 105805-0002

LiftMaster Electronic Circuit Board Assembly 390MHz

  • 1 piece logic board with end panel
  • Used on 390Mhz Security AC belt drive operators made from 1997 to 2005.
  • Unit will have a red/orange learn button

LiftMaster Electronic Circuit Board Assembly 315 MHz

  • For Sears / Craftsman garage door opener

LiftMaster Light Lens


LiftMaster Cover


Genie Clip and Collar Rail Connectors

  • For Genie screw drive units having split rails use a collar and spring clip to join the 3-piece screw.
  • Complete collar and clip set for one 3-piece rail.
  • Compatible with all screw drive Genie garage door openers
  • Set of 2 clips and 2 collars .......more details

Allstar Challenger Gear & Sprocket with Bushing


Genie Limit Switch Screw Drive

  • For use on Genie screw-drive openers.
  • Compatible with ALL Genie Screw and Trac Drive garage door openers with standard rail assemblies
  • Replaces either the UP or the DOWN limit switch
  • Replaces Genie Genius Trac Drive limit switch models 19795S and 22785R .......more details