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Devanco Solvent & Degreaser 400g

  • General purpose solvent and degreaser
  • Contains natural citrus oils. Cleans oily greasy and dirty surfaces.
  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue.
  • Approved by CFIA.

Devanco Power Wipes Heavy Duty Dual Sided Cleaning Towels 110/Bucket

  • These towels have an abrasive side for tough scrubbing and a smooth side for delicate surfaces.
  • They are loaded with commercial grade cleaning power and won't dry out like the competition
  • 110 double-sided 12" x 8" towels Citrus scent
  • Safer than harsh thinners or gasoline .......more details

Zinc-It Instant Cold Galvanized Coating 340g

  • Actively fights rust and corrosion
  • Dries quickly
  • Use as a touch-up for damaged galvanized coatings
  • Excellent for use on: Garage door tracks threads exposed edges fasteners conduit strapping welds fencing railings grates electrical poles breaker panel housings rain spouts signs doors trailers waste containers catwalks and guard rails .......more details

Contact Cleaner and Lubricant 325g

  • Cleans both electrical and electronic parts.
  • Cleans dries and leaves a thin protective film.
  • 340g / 11.5 oz spray can
  • 12 cans per case

Devanco Foaming Glass Cleaner 538g

  • A powerful foaming glass cleaner goes on thick does not run and wipes off clean
  • Does not leave streaks or an oily film on the glass
  • Virtually odorless

Devanco White Lithium Grease

  • Provides long lasting lubrication and protection against rust and corrosion
  • Ideal for metal to metal applications
  • Sprays on thick providing a long-lasting protective coating that won't run off

Gear and Rail Grease 3/4 oz Tube

  • A low temperature lithium based grease
  • To avoid tooth wear premature failure and temperature rise caused by friction by promoting sliding between teeth

Aluminum Touch Up Spray Paint Commercial Brown / Brun Comm. #562/462

  • 140g

Supra Expert Caulking Commercial Brown 300ml

  • First-quality thermoplastic rubber-based sealant
  • Instant resistance to rain
  • Can stretch up to 1400% without breaking
  • Bubble free sealant .......more details

Devanco Citrus Degreaser & Cleaner 425g

  • This special blend of solvents is designed to quickly and effectively loosen and dissolve grease oil and dirt from metal parts
  • Leaves no residue
  • Pleasant citrus scent

Aluminum Touch Up Spray Paint Antique Brown / Brun Antique #265/165

  • 140g

Aluminum Touch Up Spray Paint Black / Noir #525

  • 140g

Aluminum Touch Up Spray Paint Bright White / Blanc Pur #431

  • 140g

Aluminum Touch Up Spray Paint Ice White / Blanc Glacier #429

  • 140g

Aluminum Touch Up Spray Paint Iron Ore / Minerai de Fer #5P6

  • 140g

Aluminum Touch Up Spray Paint Nutmeg / Brun Muscade #468

  • 140g

Aluminum Touch Up Spray Paint White / Blanc #801

  • 140g

LOCTITE Threadlocker #243 Blue 36ML

  • Medium strength
  • This product cures fully in 24 hours and can be dissembled with hand tools.
  • This product is an anaerobic adhesive applied by drops to the threads of fasteners. It then cures to a hard thermoset plastic that locks the threads together.
  • For metal to metal applications only

LiftMaster Lithium Grease 0.5 oz Tube

  • Same tube of grease as in the 41C4220A kit
  • USE PART NUMBER: GREASE same grease larger tube less expensive

Low Temperature Grease 10oz Tube

  • Lubriplate multi-purpose low temperature grease.
  • Excellent cold operating characteristics