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Linear Apex II Module

  • Newer model from Jan 2016
  • The APEX II is backwards compatible but you will need to add monitored external entrapment devices.

Linear Limit Nut

  • Used on various Linear Gate operators

Miller Edge Sensing Edge Round Yellow 2-Wire Universal Outlet 4ft Long

  • €˘Electromechanical edge for standard 2" round or square frame sliding sing and bi-part gates. •3-sided activation allows for immediate stopping or reversing of motion •Contours to round or square posts. •Temperature range: -30F to 155F •Lead wire: 18 gauge 2ft length •Sensitivity: nominal 6-8 PSI •2 wrie NO configuration •ANSI/UL325 recognized component •Cannot be bent •One year warranty

LiftMaster Residential / Light Comm. DC Swing Gate Op. Extra Large Control Box UL325 (Includes LA500CONTXLMUL (K74-39309-1) LA500DC (2x) 29-NP712 LMRRUL)

  • LA5001PKGXLMU replaces model LA5001PKGXLMDC
  • Updated unit complies with new UL325 code revised Jan 2016
  • System now requires monitored secondary entrapment devices unit will include LMRRU safety photo eye
  • Includes one LA500 arm XL control box receiver unit and photo eye and 2 -7amp batteries
  • Residential arm style swing gate operator with Extra Large control box and battery backup system
  • Battery Backup safeguards your property by providing up to 500 cycles* or up to 24 days* of standby power when the power is down.
  • .......more details

EMX CARSENSE-101 Direct Burial Probe with 50' Lead Wire

  • Wand only
  • Requires CS101 (Carsense-101)

EMX Buried Driveway Alert Sensor XC101-LV Probe Sold Separately (CS101)

  • The CarSense 101 provides a solution for many vehicle detection challenges. Where safety is an issue the CarSense 101 detects moving vehicles in blind areas along a driving path and actuates warning lights.
  • For access control applications requiring free exit the CarSense 101 detects vehicles and actuates gates overhead doors and other parking barriers.
  • Controls and indicators are mounted on front panel
  • Available in 9 - 41 VDC 6 - 29 VAC.
  • Low 2.5 mA standby current consumption makes it an excellent choice for solar power applications.
  • Housed in a small relay-type housing
  • .......more details

Liftmaster Heavy-Duty Variable Speed Slide Gate Op. 24VDC for Heavy Gates.

  • 1.5 HP Variable Speed Slide Gate operator for gates up to 75' and 3000lbs
  • Battery backup provides up to 45 cycles or 120 days of standby power
  • Smooth Start/Stop with variable travel speed of .5ft/sec to 1ft/ second.
  • 120/240 input voltage optional 3 phase converter for 208/240/460/575
  • On-Board Secutiry+ 2.0® Receiver accepts (50x) 8 series remotes or unlimited 811 remotes.
  • Includes LMRRUL Monitored Retroreflective Photo Eye with intergral heater
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Heater Kit for DC Pad mount Gate Operators

  • Heater kit for pad mount DC gate operators.
  • Includes battery bracket.
  • Protects system to -40° F and installs on operator frame

LiftMaster Heavy-Duty Industrial Variable Speed Slide Gate Operator with battery back-up

  • For Industrial Slide Gates up to 2200 lbs.
  • Variable cycle speed is adjustable from .5 ft./sec. to 1 ft./sec.
  • Industrial brushless DC motor with battery back-up
  • Continuous-duty gate operation built with industrial oil-bath gear box
  • Enclosure Lockable Weatherproof 14g NEMA 3R Steel Cabinet
  • Smooth start/stop operation and mid-travel reversal extend operator hardware life.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Main Control Board Linear Actuators for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: LA500U LA400U LA412U
  • Same as 001D8388-1CC
  • Sticker on board references 001D9040-1CC

Liftmaster Plug-in Loop Detector for Liftmaster gate operators

  • Plug-in Loop detector for CSW24V CSL24V AND LA500
  • Includes diagnostic and test feature
  • 12VDC/3mA power draw
  • For exit interrupt or shadow loop applications
  • Activates only when a vehicle passes over a loop
  • 8 sensitivity levels plus boost to ensure that vehicles are easily identified
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Brake Kit 230/240V with Solenoid Field Install SL585 and SL595


LiftMaster Electric Motor 1/2HP

  • Replacement motor for SL585503U

LiftMaster CAPXL Loop Detector Input Board

  • Automatically trigger a phone call to a guard or office when a guest arrives
  • Mounts inside of CAPXL
  • Works with CAPXL and LOOPDETLM Plug In Loop Detector (Each sold separately.)
  • Operating Temperature -20°F to 130°F (-29°C to 54°C)
  • Dimensions: 2.8” x 2.3”

LiftMaster New 24VDC Commercial High Traffic DC Slide Gate Operator

  • Battery Backup: 208 cycles or up to 24 days of standby power when the power is down
  • Security+2.0®: Access your property quickly with Security+2.0® Technology that utilizes a tri-band signal that virtually eliminates interference and offers extended range each time the remote control is used
  • MyQ®: Securely control and monitor your Gate Operator from anywhere and get activity notifications through the MyQ® app
  • Soft start / stop extends operator and hardware life in high-cycle and heavy-gate applications
  • Wireless dual-gate communication eliminates expensive conduit costs and unsightly driveway scars
  • Keyed manual disconnect when unlocked allows gate to be operated manually.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Chain Tensioner Bolt w/2 nuts K07-50637

  • This replacement kit is most commonly used to tighten the attached chain on the sliding gate

MBAR Security Key for Manual Over-Ride (1 Key)


LiftMaster Mounting Plate for Post Mount Gate Op

  • Multiple post-mounting options: 3 in. round on the outside 3 in. round on the inside 4 in.square welded on the inside
  • Compatible with operators CSW200UL SL3000UL and RSW12V
  • Also known as: 012381777075
  • Dimensions : 27 x 24.5 x 6 inches

LiftMaster Residential / Light Commercial DC Swing Gate Operator All-In-One UL325

  • UL 325 Rated Class I II II and IV
  • Continuous-duty (300 cycles/day) P3 24 VDC motor
  • Operates gates up to 18 ft. long or up to 1600 lbs.
  • Includes battery backup (2 12 VDC 7Ah batteries) receiver photo eye
  • Compatible with MyQ Security+ 2.0 accessories
  • HomeLink-compatible
  • .......more details

LiftMaster LED Barrier Arm 17 ft

  • The NEW LED Barrier Arm provides exceptional visibility 24 hours a day.
  • Durable aluminum arm with integrated red LED lights on one side and Red/White DOT tape on both sides.
  • Ideal for use with the Mega Arm and Mega Arm Tower
  • Counterweight required part # MALEDCW