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LiftMaster Electric Motor 1 HP for SL585U(L)

  • Replacement motor for SL585101U

Miller Edge Sensing Edge Round Yellow 2-Wire Universal Outlet 5ft Long

  • Designed to fit 2" round gate post
  • Do NOT bend

LiftMaster Expansion Board CSL24V

  • This is a replacement CSL24V Expansion Board
  • For use with various LiftMaster® Slide and Swing Gate Operators

LiftMaster Shear Pin #7 Mega Arm


LiftMaster Limit Box Kit

  • Compatible with model SL585 Slide Gate Operators.

LiftMaster Electric Motor Only 1/2 Hp 24VDC BM

  • Same as: MA003M MA-003 MS003 20-60000-1
  • Used on Liftmaster Mega Arm gate operators

LiftMaster Logic Board AC


LiftMaster Antenna

  • For various gate operators

LiftMaster Heater Kit for DC Pad mount Gate Operators

  • Heater kit for pad mount DC gate operators.
  • Includes battery bracket.
  • Protects system to -40° F and installs on operator frame

LiftMaster Main Control Board Linear Actuators for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: LA500U LA400U LA412U
  • Same as 001D8388-1CC

Liftmaster Plug-in Loop Detector for Liftmaster gate operators

  • Plug-in Loop detector for CSW24V CSL24V AND LA500
  • Includes diagnostic and test feature
  • 12VDC/3mA power draw
  • For exit interrupt or shadow loop applications
  • Activates only when a vehicle passes over a loop
  • 8 sensitivity levels plus boost to ensure that vehicles are easily identified
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Main Board DC Pad Mount for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: CSW24U CSL24U RSW12U and RSL12U
  • Also compatible with HCTDCU and HCTDCUL Overhead Gate Operator

LiftMaster Heavy-Duty Industrial Variable Speed Slide Gate Operator with battery back-up

  • For Industrial Slide Gates up to 2200 lbs.
  • Variable cycle speed is adjustable from .5 ft./sec. to 1 ft./sec.
  • Industrial brushless DC motor with battery back-up
  • Continuous-duty gate operation built with industrial oil-bath gear box
  • Enclosure Lockable Weatherproof 14g NEMA 3R Steel Cabinet
  • Smooth start/stop operation and mid-travel reversal extend operator hardware life.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster MA & MAT Control Board (K79-60166)

  • Electronic board for barrier gate operator
  • Same as K79-60166
  • Can be used in various Autogate Operators

LiftMaster Residential / Light Commercial DC Swing Gate Operator All-In-One UL325

  • UL 325 Rated Class I II II and IV
  • Continuous-duty (300 cycles/day) P3 24 VDC motor
  • Operates gates up to 18 ft. long or up to 1600 lbs.
  • Includes battery backup (2 12 VDC 7Ah batteries) receiver photo eye
  • Compatible with MyQ Security+ 2.0 accessories
  • HomeLink-compatible
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Transformer 120V input 34VDC output

  • Plug-in AC/DC converter
  • Used as a replacement transformer for all LA400 models

LiftMaster Control Board HCT

  • Replaced Q400D-HCT

Erone Card Enrolment Unit

  • Simply present the badge in front of the unit and the code is transmitted into the PC in the cardholder file.
  • The R125USB is used to quickly add cards to the system.
  • USB communication port connection

LiftMaster Limit Switch

  • imit Switch for the VSL595

Miller Edge 2-Wire Black End Outlet 5 ft Long

  • May be used on horizontal slide gates with 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inch thick frames
  • May be custom manufactured to required length.
  • Designed to install easily when used with a companion PVC or aluminum mounting channel such as ME120-C or ME20-PC