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Linear LDCO Control Board BBU Compatible

  • DC motors
  • Replaces HAE00061

Linear Directional Antenna (AAE00331)

  • Compatible with all Linear receivers with Type F antenna connector
  • Receives signals in 288 to 320 MHz range
  • Directional remote antenna designed to enhance the radio range of Linear receivers
  • Includes 10 feet of coax
  • Clamp for mounting
  • Dimensions: 21” W x 5” H x 1.5” D
  • .......more details

Linear Double Delta Radio Kit (2X DT & 1X DR)

  • Kit includes two DT remotes and one DR receiver
  • Same as: DNP00006
  • Operates on 24 VAC power
  • Codes: 1024 (set by dip switches)
  • RF frequency: 310 MHz

Linear Safety Beam Set

  • Set includes: Sender and Receiver photocells wire and connectors
  • Safety beams will work with all Linear operators that currently have safety beams installed.

Linear Helical Gear with Grease

  • Includes roll pins
  • Can be used on all Linear / Westinghouse residential operators.
  • Helical gear measures 2-7/8" diameter

Garex Replacement Panel Special Order

  • Ordered to customer's exact requirements for size and color
  • Pls call for pricing

Garex Special Order Door Face Only

  • Ordered to the customer's exact requirements

Garex Hybrid Weatherstrip Special Order

  • specify size color details when ordering
  • Please call for pricing

Aluminum 24" x 100' Spool Slate / Charbon # 523

  • 20% thicker than the aluminum sold in retail stores (0.022" )
  • Gentek # 523
  • Reverse side is #431 Bright White

Aluminum 24" x 100' Spool Sandalwood / Sable # 508

  • 20% thicker than the aluminum sold in retail stores (0.022" )
  • Gentek # 508
  • Reverse side is #431 Bright White

Garex Steel 26 ga Special Order

  • Special order to suit customer's needs

Skylink Belt Gear for EQ Operators 210131

  • New model # 210131 no cover is needed
  • Metal Gear

Garex Light Commercial Door Special Order

  • specify size color details when ordering
  • Please call for pricing

LiftMaster 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi

  • Comes with 1 893LM remote and 1 882LMW multifunction control panel
  • 1/2 HP AC motor with industrial-strength chain drive provides steady performance and lifting power.
  • Energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode.
  • Built in Wi-Fi for the easiest way to connect the garage.
  • Security+ 2.0™ safeguards your household – with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener so that the door opens only for you.
  • PosiLock® locks down your garage door by electronically monitoring against a forced opening.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster 7' chain drive rail 1707LMC - colour code: Green

  • #48 chain size
  • Price reflects cost if purchased with an opener

Doorlec Close Auxiliary Switch Double Limit DAT


Doorlec Limit Switch Single ATM 15 AMP


Micanan 1 Channel Transmitter 372 MHz

  • Works with Logic 10.0 and medium duty on-board receivers
  • Also works with MK-00648 external receiver
  • Two CR2032 batteries and visor clip included
  • Not Homelink compatible

Push Button Control Station 3-Button Surface Mount NEMA 4/12 O/C/S Black Black Red

  • Open/Close/Stop allows complete control of the door.
  • Compatible with all commercial door operators.
  • NEMA 4 4X 12 13
  • Outdoor surface mount station with polycarbonate enclosure Part # XALD03H7
  • Dimensions: 2.0" x 5.27" x 2.68" (H x L x W)

LiftMaster 2-Strand Bell Wire 500ft White/Black

  • 2 strand 22 gauge tin dipped copper hook-up wire
  • Color coded White & White/black wires