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LiftMaster Auto Reconnect Trolley Kit


Spring Fitting 6" Pair for 1" Shaft

  • Universal thread and is available for 1" or 1.25" Bore - must specify when ordering.
  • Pair includes: (1) winding & (1) stationary.
  • Not single thread.
  • Winding bar hole 5/8"

Spring Fitting 2-5/8" Pair

  • Universal thread for use in either LH or RH wound springs.
  • Pair includes: (1) winding & (1) stationary.
  • Maximum wire size diameter: .3310".
  • Set screw installed: 3/8"-16 x 1" (2). .......more details

Spring Fitting 1-3/4" Pair

  • Universal thread for use in either LH or RH wound springs.
  • A pair includes: (1) winding and (1) stationary.
  • Maximum wire size diameter: .2950".
  • Set screw installed: 3/8"-16 x 1" (2) .......more details

Chain Hoist Wall Mount 4:1 1-1/4" 2000R Torque Force (126658)

  • 4:1 Reduced drive
  • Sprocket: 41B36x114 Bore: 1-1/4"
  • Includes: 26ft of hand chain 1/4" square key chain keeper and 3.6ft of #41 roller chain included with sprocket wheels.
  • Cross Reference: 2000R OMI 4006

Sprocket 41B12 1" Shaft 1/4" keyway 2SS 5/16"

  • Same as MD-00007

Manaras 32-Door Dip Switch Transmitter O/C/S

  • 3-button transmitter
  • Operates up to 32 doors by using a combination of 2 rotary dials and dip switch keys
  • Open/Close/Stop function
  • LED Indicator .......more details

Manaras Electric Motor 3/4HP 120/240V 1PH


Manaras Replacement Power Board

  • Used on all Manaras circuit board type operators

Chain Hoist Shaft Mount 4:1 JR 4020 Torque Force (126684)

  • Shaft Mounted Junior Hoist
  • 4:1 Reduced Drive
  • Sprocket: 41B36. Bore size: 1" diameter
  • Cross Reference: OMI 4020 .......more details

Carlo Gavazzi Photoelectric Sensor Thru-Beam Transmitter

  • Maximum sensing distance is 20 meters
  • 11-pin
  • Waterproof for harsh environment i.e. water dust steam etc.
  • To be used with amplifier series S142. .......more details

Carlo Gavazzi Photoelectric Sensor Thru-Beam Receiver

  • Maximum sensing range is 20 meters
  • 11-Pin
  • 8 inch optical beam angle.
  • Waterproof for harsh environments i.e. water dust steam etc. .......more details

Exhaust Port 5" non latching long barrel

  • 5" inside diameter 2" sleeve - non latching.
  • Includes fasteners & gaskets.
  • Polished aluminum finish.

LiftMaster End Panel with Light Socket

  • Compatible with LiftMaster® 8550WL & 8360WL Models; and various garage door openers manufactured after 2017 only
  • Circuit board not included

LiftMaster Sec+ 2.0 Keyless Entry

  • Features Security.0®®® rolling code technology
  • One-button-to-close feature
  • Temporary password option
  • Program code directly from keypad .......more details

LiftMaster Multi-Function Control Panel Wi-Fi

  • Push button for garage door operation
  • Program remote controls Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers and MyQ® enabled accessories directly from the control panel
  • Light run-time is 4 1/2 minutes with adjustable light timer option
  • Lock feature designed to prevent operation of the door from portable remote controls .......more details

LiftMaster Door Control Bell Button Wi-Fi

  • Controls garage door operation and garage door opener lights
  • On-board programming capability makes it easy to program remote controls and MyQ® enabled accessories
  • Compatible only with Security.0®®® LiftMaster® garage door openers enabled by MyQ® technology
  • Note: If your door control has an image of a light bulb above the light button with 3 wavy lines above it the door control is capable of placing a Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener into Wi-Fi Learn mode.

LiftMaster Sprocket & Sprocket Cover w/Screws for 8550


LiftMaster Circuit Board with Plate for 3800 3900 41DJ001B

  • Board: Security 315 MHz
  • For jackshaft models; 3800 3800P 3800PLD & 3900

Genie Electronic Circuit Board Assembly

  • Replaces board 38001R3.S and 37470R3.S
  • Compatible with Genie Series 3 model 3024 garage door opener systems and Overhead Door Series 3 Model 7030