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Manaras Replacement Control Board (No Monitoring)


Manaras Band Brake Retrofit Kit Old GH/MGH

  • Does not include the solenoid
  • Replaces BRAKEPART012

NICE LED Arm Light Kit 6M


LiftMaster Heater Kit for AC Pad Mount Gate Operators

  • Heater kit for pad mount AC gate operators.
  • Battery bracket NOT included.
  • Protects system to -40®® F and installs on operator frame
  • Measurements: 6 x 2 3/8 x 3 3/8

NICE Indicator Lights for L-BAR Arm 26.2ft

  • The Nice Apollo XBA18 is a 26.2 ft long line of indicator lights for the click fixture on the upper or lower side of the barrier arm of the L-Bar barrier gate openers.

Manaras Synthetic Disconnect Cam Opera


Manaras Trolley Carriage Aluminum Die Cast


Manaras Door Lifting Arm Assembly

  • Complete door arm assembly for all Manaras trolley operators.

Overhead Logic Board 3/4 - 1 HP 3PH SX/HX UL

  • For RHX commercial ops. 3/4-1 Hp 3- phase operators

Contactor Schneider 24V

  • Works on Lynx MCJH
  • Same as LC2 K12107B7 & MK00108

Lynx V-Belt 4L 31" (4L310)

  • Fits the old Lynx 455 garage door opener

Lynx Brake Shoe Assembly

  • Brake shoes for all Lynx operators
  • Assembly includes the shoes and release spring assembly

NICE Indicator Lights for M3/M5BAR 13.1ft

  • The Apollo XBA4 is a 13.1 ft long line of indicator lights for the click fixture on the upper or lower side of the barrier arm of the M3BAR and M5BAR barrier gate openers.

Lynx Control Board with Cover for UL325 models

  • For all voltages

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly Kit 2010 and later 315 MHz

  • UL325 Replacement circuit board for Medium-Duty Logic Commercial Operators
  • Used on models MJ MH MHS MT BMT and MGJ (UL325 compliant operators)
  • 315 MHz intergral radio receiver accepts 20 Sec remotes or unlimited dip switch

LiftMaster Clutch Disc for MH


LiftMaster Clutch Shaft Kit 2005 +

  • Assembly includes: Clutch shaft keyed flange bearing dual sprocket 32/14 14-tooth sprocket E-ring compression sprocket chain wheel assembly pulley assembly chain guide assembly shim & thrust washers and roll pins

LiftMaster Clutch Disc for SL595


LiftMaster Control Board HCT

  • Replaced Q400D-HCT

LiftMaster Logic 5 Board Kit with Current Sense- 1Ph & 3Ph L5

  • The K001D8395 is a 1 Phase and 3 Phase L5 logic board replacement kit.
  • This kit is compatible with LiftMaster® 3 Phase Commercial Door Operators manufactured after April 2016 only.
  • This L5 logic board is equipped with current sense.
  • All 3 Phase operators made after April 2016 will require this board.