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LiftMaster Interior Brake Kit with Cable 115V

  • Interior mount brake kit for operation with chain hoist

Micanan Brake Shoe and Drum Assembly for Gearhead

  • For Micanan gearhead models: GH GHC GSD
  • Assembly includes both right & left shoe and the drum

Micanan Brake Assembly for PRO-J/H 120V Solenoid included


Doorlec Lower Brake Shoe - Left

  • Fits on all Doorlec operators equipped with brake shoes
  • Use with drum #12561

Doorlec Upper Brake Shoe - Right

  • Fits on all Doorlec operators equipped with brake shoes
  • Use with drum #12561

Manaras Brake Band Assembly (Standard Brake)

  • Replaces BRAKEPART017
  • To use on brake drums with edges (DRUM004)
  • New part number is BRAKEPART019KIT

Doorlec Brake Assembly 575V

  • Brake assembly consists of solenoid drum shoes plate spring cover and fasteners
  • For all V-belt driven models that have brakes

LiftMaster Brake Kit 230/240V with Solenoid Field Install SL585 and SL595


LiftMaster Brake Hub Assembly

  • Assembly includes: Brake hub set screw push-on fastener and feather key

LiftMaster Interior Mount Brake Assembly 230-460V

  • Assembly includes: Brake Hub Kit Brake Release Lever Brake Disk Spring Cup Studs Compression Springs Brake Solenoid Solenoid Cover Spacers Mounting Plate Pressure Plate Feather Key Conduit.
  • Works on LiftMaster trolley garage door openers

Manaras Band Brake Assembly Kit

  • Does not include solenoid
  • Replacement brake kit for operators that are belt driven and have a brake. Works with OSH OTBH
  • Will not work with Gear-Head operators

Doorlec Brake Drum 4" Diameter

  • Fits all Doorlec operators equipped with brake shoes

Manaras Band Brake Retrofit Kit Old GH/MGH

  • Does not include the solenoid
  • Replaces BRAKEPART012

Micanan Brake Shoe - Right

  • Only available in complete kit # MJ00013 or MJ00014 for PRO-GH

Micanan Brake Shoe - Left

  • Only available in complete kit # MJ00013 or MJ00014 for PRO-GH

LiftMaster Drum Brake Kit 1 Ph 115/230V

  • Internal Solenoid Drum Brake with Cable (120V Single Phase) Replacement Kit.
  • Compatible with LiftMaster® Logic 5.0 Model T SD J H and HJ Industrial-Duty Operators.
  • Complete service kit includes: Solenoid Cover Brake Solenoid Brake Drum Cable Mounting Plate and Installation Hardware.
  • Quiet preferred sound profile .......more details

Micanan Brake Shoe and Drum Assembly

  • Fits Micanan models: TB APTB JB HB HHB LH LJ & SD
  • Assembly includes: Both right & left brake shoe and the drum

Manaras Brake Shoe Assembly Kit (SHOE021/022)


Lynx Brake Shoe Assembly

  • Brake shoes for all Lynx operators
  • Assembly includes the shoes and release spring assembly

Safety Inertia Brake 1-1/4" Bore 3576 Torque

  • Provides a bearing to support the shaft and prevent the fall of a door if sudden acceleration occurs.
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial use; specifically with rolling shutters and rolling doors.
  • Fits 1-1/4" shaft
  • Normal Torque: 3576 .......more details