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LiftMaster Reflector with Support Housing

  • Replacement reflector for the CPS-RPEN4 photo-eyes

LiftMaster CPS Interface Black Box (CPICARD)

  • Allows CPS-L photoeyes to provide a 'NO' contact
  • Interface is included with CPS & CPS-N4

LiftMaster Interlock Switch SPDT

  • Interlock switch for commercial doors.
  • 15A 125/250VAC

Erone 1200lbs Exterior Maglock Surface Mount Stainless

  • Exterior applications & High-traffic areas
  • Power requirements: 12/24VDC
  • Current Draw: 500mA @ 12VDC 250mA @ 24VDC .......more details

Devanco Loop 4' x 10' saw-cut 50' lead-in

  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure accurate detection our Pre-formed loops come with a 50 foot twisted lead-in ware and available lead-in lengths up to 500 feet.
  • Ideal for use on existing asphalt or concrete surfaces
  • Features a non spliced continuous wire throughout loop turns and lead-in.
  • requires the use of loop sealer when being installed to ensure long lasting trouble-free detection

Loop Sealant Cartridge Black 29oz

  • Also available in grey (LSGRY)
  • Can be installed in sub-zero temperatures as long as the surface is clean and dry
  • Loop sealant gun sold separatley # LSGUN

LiftMaster Wireless Edge Kit Monitored

  • Meets 2016 UL 325 requirements
  • Innovative industry leading low-energy Bluetooth® transmission up to 130 ft. range
  • Integrated Diagnostics with Gate Operator Speed Installation
  • Protects up to 8 entrapment points .......more details

Liftmaster Plug-in Loop Detector for Liftmaster gate operators

  • Plug-in Loop detector for CSW24V CSL24V AND LA500
  • Includes diagnostic and test feature
  • 12VDC/3mA power draw
  • For exit interrupt or shadow loop applications .......more details

Carlo Gavazzi PMT20RI & PMT20I Thru Beam Kit

  • Suitable for exterior applications NEMA 4
  • Multi-supply voltage 12-240VDC 24-240VAC
  • LED indication for power supply and target detected
  • Not recommended for carwash applications .......more details

Miller Edge Black 2-Wire End Outlet Sold per Foot

  • Designed to install easily when used with a companion PVC or aluminum mounting channel such as ME120-C or ME20-PC

Miller Edge Aluminum Mounting Channel Sold per Foot


BEA Falcon-XL Motion Detector

  • Same features as the Falcon detector but made specifically for extra low mounting
  • Mounting height between 6.5' and 11.5'
  • Allows uni or bi-directional sensing and the unique ability to open a door when traffic is moving away from the sensor
  • Sensor also has the ability to differentiate between pedstrians and vehicles .......more details

Devanco Loop 4' x 12' pave-over 50' lead-in

  • Ideal for use on with gravel driveways or surfaces that are to be asphalted
  • Features a twisted lead-in to reduce the chances of interference and false detections.
  • Direct burial loops should be buried approximately 6" deep

EMX Wiring Harness 11-Pin for D-TEK-MVP

  • Universal 11-pin harness

Omron Retro-Reflective Photocell w/Built-In 10K Resistor UL325-2018

  • Fully complies with UL325-2018 standard for gate ops. that use the 10K resistor method and also the Normally Closed method
  • Easy to wire terminal strip
  • Plug-in replaceable outputs
  • Range: 40ft .......more details

EMX Industries 9-220 volt Loop Detector

  • Wiring harness ( HAR-11) sold separately
  • Warranty 2 years

Miller Edge 2-Wire Black End Outlet 5 ft Long

  • May be used on horizontal slide gates with 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inch thick frames
  • May be custom manufactured to required length.
  • Designed to install easily when used with a companion PVC or aluminum mounting channel such as ME120-C or ME20-PC

Miller Edge L-Shaped Aluminum Mounting Channel Sold by the Foot


Miller Edge Air Wave Switch in ABS Box

  • Works with "feather edge" type edges
  • Pre-set from factory as a NORMALLY OPEN switch.
  • Can be changed to N/C by moving tube in switch.
  • If NEMA 4 is required order Part# AW12A

Carlo Gavazzi Photoelectric Sensor Thru-Beam Transmitter

  • Maximum sensing distance is 20 meters
  • 11-pin
  • Waterproof for harsh environment i.e. water dust steam etc.
  • To be used with amplifier series S142. .......more details