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Miller Edge Light Curtain Non- Monitored 6ft

  • Rod size: 6 ft 16 Beam
  • Non-Monitored no need for external control box
  • Connects directly to all brands of commercial operators without having to use the photocells that are included

Miller Edge Pneumatic Air Switch in ABS Enclosure

  • Can use with standard pneumatic hose + Miller Edge extrusion
  • Works on doors up to 18' in length
  • Easily inserted into existing weather stripping on doors
  • Wire nuts included
  • Dimensions: 5" L x 2 3/4" W x 2" H
  • Electrical configuration: 3-wire SPDT
  • .......more details

Miller Edge Light Curtain Monitored 6ft Pulsed

  • Rod size: 6 ft 16 Beam
  • Meets UL325 safety standard
  • Connects directly to all brands of commercial operators without having to use the photocells that are included
  • For Non-Monitored commercial operators use RLC-K72
  • Nema 4

Miller Edge Light Curtain Monitored 3ft Pulsed

  • Rod size: 3 ft
  • Meets UL325 safety standard
  • Connects directly to all brands of commercial operators without having to use the photocells that are included
  • For Non-Monitored commercial operators add: MIRC-02

LiftMaster Light Curtain Monitored

  • The Monitored Light Curtain is a primary safety entrapment protection device that is compliant with UL 325.
  • IP67 Water-resistant housing anodized aluminum corrosion resistant
  • Operating Temperature: -40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C)
  • Liftmaster Compatibility: LOGIC 5.0 Medium-Duty DDO8900W / LJ8900W / LJ8950W / ATSWVFOH HPH1 / HPH2 HCTDCUL Fire Door Egress

Hercules Infrared Programming Remote Red (50-HERK-RC2)

  • Conveniently choose from 8 different preset comfort functions to adjust detection fields mounting heights relay hold interval cross traffic optimization direction recognition people/vehicle separation slow motion detection turn on/off filter functions open the door manually and much more
  • Bidirectional
  • Fine-tune the motion detector from the ground without guessing if all the settings have been received by the sensor

LiftMaster Option Card with CPS-L Eyes **to extent of inventory

  • For applications requiring two sets of photoeyes ( CPS-III)

LiftMaster Treadle Protection Plate **discontinued


LiftMaster RBMA Electric Treadle Nema 4/12 5ft long

  • Five feet long.
  • OPEN only (all LiftMaster operators) or SAFETY only (LiftMaster operators with type B2 C2 L2 T T1 or TS control wiring) after vehicle passes over treadle.
  • The weight of the vehicle compresses an electric switch which sends an open signal to the door.
  • Requires a 2-wire connection to the operator but does not require power to function

LiftMaster Sensing Probe Free Exit 100ft Lead

  • Self-contained free exit system designed to detect moving vehicle and open your automatic gate.
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • Connects directly to any gate operator without an external output board.
  • Works with powered or solar gates.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Cable Lead Length: 100 ft.
  • Power Requirements: 8-24 VAC oe 8-30 CSX
  • .......more details

EMX Industries Nema 4 Through-Beam Photocells with Hoods

  • Outdoor and carwash through beam Commercial Photocells.
  • Up to 115' sensing distance
  • Electronic sunlight filter
  • Automatic compensation for temperature changes
  • 12 to 24VAC/DC input voltage
  • one form C relay (NO and NC output)
  • .......more details

Exterior Mosley Air Switch SPDT Plastic Housing


Micanan Allen Bradley Thru-Beam Photocell 42GRL Rec/Trans 24V 0-30ft Range (MV00390)

  • 42GRL 9000 receiver (24/115V) and 42GRR 9000 transmitter 24V

Take-Up Reel 2-Wire Metal 18-ga 20ft

  • 18-gauge
  • 20 ft extended
  • Take up reels are NOT recommended for use with any failsafe type edge. Use coil cord only.
  • Also called Reel cord

Fraba Wireless Air Wave Switch Transmitter/Receiver Kit NOC/NCC

  • The small radio transmitter unit and the pneumatic switch are packaged within the DW3S-200 case while the receiver is built into a Nema 4 case
  • It is equipped with a NC or a NO relay
  • Kit includes radio transmitter DWTR-200 433 Mhz and receiver RSW-R 433 Mhz
  • Battery is included # CR2032

Gum Hose 1/2" ID 200' Spool

  • 1/2" inside diameter
  • Installed in bottom "U" rubber for use as a safety edge

LiftMaster Monitored Retro Reflective Photo Eye w/Heater 2018 UL325

  • Features integrated diagnostics with our 2018 UL® 325 Gate Operators.
  • Versatile Solution for entrapment protection.
  • Long-Range Sensing Distance of up to 50 ft. (LMRRUL)
  • Built-In Heater for dependable performance in most environments.
  • Increased Beam Angle for simple reliable alignment.
  • Versatile Gimble Bracket for fine alignment and adjustability.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Wireless Edge Kit Monitored

  • Meets 2016 UL 325 requirements
  • Innovative industry leading low-energy Bluetooth® transmission up to 130 ft. range
  • Integrated Diagnostics with Gate Operator Speed Installation
  • Protects up to 8 entrapment points
  • Receiver accepts up to 4 transmitters
  • Transmitter accepts up to 2 wired resistive edges
  • .......more details

Liftmaster Plug-in Loop Detector for Liftmaster gate operators

  • Plug-in Loop detector for CSW24V CSL24V AND LA500
  • Includes diagnostic and test feature
  • 12VDC/3mA power draw
  • For exit interrupt or shadow loop applications
  • Activates only when a vehicle passes over a loop
  • 8 sensitivity levels plus boost to ensure that vehicles are easily identified
  • .......more details

LiftMaster 10-30VAC/DC Low Power Loop Detector (50-DSP7LP)

  • 10-30 VAC/DC low power fail-safe loop detector
  • <2mA stand-by current draw
  • Compact design - ideal for linear actuator control boxes
  • Automatic sensitivity and frequency adjustments
  • Ideal for solar or battery powered gate applications