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Bircher Hercules 2s Microwave Motion Sensor for Industrial Doors

Item #: 306839

Manufacturer: Bircher Reglomat

List price: $395.00

Manuals & Brochures:
Installation Manual, Sell Sheet, Field Size,
  • Two completely independent programmable outputs for endless application scenarios
  • Highly flexible program settings utilizing both outputs are now easier to program
  • 23' (7 m) long cable for maximum installation flexibility
  • 6-wire cable using traditional wire colors & thicker wire gauge for easier installation
  • Pulse on exit feature
  • Differentiation between pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Cross-traffic optimization prevents unwanted opening
  • Mounting height range of 6'6" to 23' (2 to 7 m) Max range of 82ft
  • Replaces older version model number: F531.132100