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Erone 7-Day Timer 24V

  • 24V AC/DC input voltage with battery back-up
  • One "NO" contact and one "NC" Contact
  • Up to 8 ON and OFF switches a day (56 per week)
  • Easy to read LCD Display
  • Manual override button
  • Ideal to keep a gate open during the day
  • .......more details

Push Button Station 3-btn Surface Mount Metal Housing

  • PBS-3
  • Open-Close-Stop
  • Momentary contact
  • Nema 1
  • Dimensions: 5-5/16" H x 2-3/8" W x 1-13/16" D

Exterior 2-btn O/C Nema-4 Pushbutton Control Station Non-Metallic

  • Surface mount
  • Non-Metallic
  • Open / Close

Control Station Exterior Surface Mount O/C/S N4 Non-Metallic

  • Double pole contacts
  • H=5-3/4" W=2-3/4" D=2-1/2"
  • UL Listed CSA Approved

Interlock Switch for Sectional Doors

  • Mounts on the door track to prevent the use of the operator when door is locked
  • Can be wired to a three button station
  • Demensions: 3" h x 3" w x 1-1/2" d

LiftMaster Single Button Nema-1 Pushbutton Control Station

  • Surface mount

Push Button Station 3-btn Surface Mount O/C/S Nema 1 For LGO Ops only

  • PBS-3R
  • Open-Close-Stop
  • Works with Liftmaster LGO commercial operator
  • Also known as: 02-103LGO1 02103LGO1
  • Dimensions: 5-5/16" H x 2-3/8" W x 1-13/16" D
  • Normally Open contact on Stop therefore it won’t work on any other LiftMaster operator besides the LGO. The 02-103 will work on all operators.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Push Button Station 3-btn Surface Mount O/C/S Nema 1 with Maintenance Alert LED

  • PBS-3
  • Open-Close-Stop
  • Momentary contact
  • Nema 1
  • Works with Liftmaster MH commercial operator
  • Dimensions: 5-5/16" H x 2-3/8" W x 1-13/16" D
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Push Button Station Nema 4 O/C/S with Keyed Lock-Out Die-Cast Enclosure

  • Code on key is #301

Push Button Control Station 3-Button Surface Mount NEMA 4/12 O/C/S Green Black Red

  • Open/Close/Stop allows complete control of the door.
  • Compatible with all commercial door operators.
  • NEMA 4 4X 12 13
  • Outdoor surface mount station with polycarbonate enclosure part # XALD03H7

LiftMaster Interlock Switch for Sectional Door Nema 4 (Same as 50-13529)

  • Interlock switch is engaged by the door side lock and disables operator control.

Control Station Exterior Surface Mount O/C N4 with Key Lockout

  • OPEN-CLOSE Push Button with Lockout
  • Metal Enclosure
  • Buttons aligned vertically H=4-3/8"" W=4-1/8"" D=2-5/8""

Control Station Exterior Surface Mount O/C/S N4 Metal Enclosure

  • Metal Enclosure
  • Buttons aligned in a triangular pattern
  • H=4-3/8" W=4-1/8" D=2-5/8"

Micanan Pull Cord SPST Lever Type - Nema 4


Micanan Pull Cord DPST Swivel Type - Nema 4


Swivel Type Pull Cord - SPST Nema 4


LiftMaster Extended Performance Fire Door Release Device with Battery Backup

  • UL864 Revision 9 compliant
  • Programmable DIP switch delay setting - either 10 20 30 or 60 seconds delay of door release to permit passage clearance
  • Inputs for normally open 2- or 4-wire detectors and 4-wire normally closed detectors
  • Trouble and alarm relays for communication with the fire alarm control panel if required
  • Audible trouble sounder to indicate when the release device is not operational
  • On board diagnostic LEDs for easy troubleshooting
  • .......more details

Doorlec PBS 2-Btn O/C and Key Switch On/Off Nema 4/12

  • Open / Close with On / Off Key Switch Nema 4/12
  • Green - Open Black - Close

Manaras Push Button Control Station 1-Button Nema 4/12

  • 1-button 1 N/O contact
  • Plastic

Manaras 3-btn Push-Button Control Station with Key Lock-Out Nema 4/12

  • 2 N/O contacts and 1 N/C contact for stop.
  • Surface mount.
  • Schneider Elect. part no. XALD04H7