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Linear Safety Beam Set

  • Set includes: Sender and Receiver photocells wire and connectors
  • Safety beams will work with all Linear operators that currently have safety beams installed.

LiftMaster Logic 3 Board - L3

  • Open close stop buttons mounted on logic board
  • Selector dial for desired wiring mode
  • Failsafe switch
  • Maintenance Alert System (MAS) .......more details

Lynx Silent Guard Photocell for Proline Openers

  • For models built from 2000
  • Comes with photoeyes wire and bracket

LiftMaster Hardware Installation Bag for 3800


LiftMaster Gear & Sprocket Assembly for ATS211X

  • For models: ATS211X ATS2113X
  • For older model ATS211 use part number 41C4470

LiftMaster Belt Pulley Bracket Kit

  • ®®This is a Belt Pulley Bracket Replacement Kit. For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Belt Drive Garage Door Openers.
  • Works on models 1270. 1280 & 1280R

LiftMaster Belt Pulley Bracket

  • This is a Belt Pulley Bracket Replacement Kit. For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Belt Drive Garage Door Openers that utilize a T-rail
  • Fits models: 2500 2580 3280 3850 3500

LiftMaster Wall Control Panel

  • Wired multi-function control panel
  • Push-button is illuminated for convenience
  • Includes an adjustable light timer
  • For use with opener built January 1995 .......more details

Lynx Proline Drive Shaft Assembly with Helical Gear

  • Assembly includes the output shaft and nylon gear

LiftMaster Electric Motor and Bracket for 3800 / 8500

  • For models: 3800 3800P & 3800PLD

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly for Single and Double Capacitor Models 315Mhz

  • Assembly includes: End panel Logic board and Light socket
  • For chain drive units with two lights ie..3575 3585 3595 PD752D and PD758D

Genie Pulley Support Kit

  • Front metal clip with pulley
  • Front idler for use with Genie and Overhead Door T-rail systems

Genie Traveler for Chain and Belt Drive Models

  • Replacement carriage for models: 1022/24/26 2022/24/26 and 2200
  • Comes with a pull cord for manual release.

LiftMaster Snappy Beam Sensors

  • Will work on all LiftMaster residential openers equipped with safety beams
  • For newer models 1999-current will fit on existing brackets
  • For older models 1993-1999 new brackets #41A5281 are required or use old style safety beams #41A4373A

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly (41A5021-1HATS)

  • Board: Security 390 MHz
  • Assembly includes: circuit board and end panel
  • Also includes: 1 Multi-Function wall ctrl panel - 2 wire
  • For: ATS211 & ATS211R .......more details

LiftMaster Electronic Circuit Board Assembly

  • Assembly includes: Logic board end panel and light socket
  • For chain drive models with 2-lights
  • Fits 1265 Security 390MHz
  • Also known as; 41A5021 41A5021-B 41A5021-C 41A5021-D 41A5021-E 41A5021-F 41A5021-G 41A5021-H

Linear Turnbuckle Assembly - Chain (HCT)


Linear Inner Slide Assembly - Chain (HCT)

  • For LSO50 LDO33 & LDO50

LiftMaster Idler - Cable Pulley

  • For square rail assemblies
  • Same as 144C0056

LiftMaster RPM Sensor Kit

  • RPM sensor assembly 1986 - present