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Linear LDCO Control Board BBU Compatible

  • DC motors
  • Replaces HAE00061

Linear Safety Beam Set

  • Set includes: Sender and Receiver photocells wire and connectors
  • Safety beams will work with all Linear operators that currently have safety beams installed.

Linear Helical Gear with Grease

  • Includes roll pins
  • Can be used on all Linear / Westinghouse residential operators.
  • Helical gear measures 2-7/8" diameter

Skylink Belt Gear for EQ Operators 210131

  • New model # 210131 no cover is needed
  • Metal Gear

LiftMaster Travel Module (8500 3800P 3800PLD & 3900) - 41B8861

  • Works on model 8500

LiftMaster Sensor Eyes and Brackets 1997-Current

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Belt Drive and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers; manufactured after 1997.
  • Complete kit includes: (1) Sending sensor eye (with LED) (1) receiving sensor eye (with LED) (2) replacement brackets and replacement hardware.
  • Also known as or Replaces: 041A5266-1 041A5266-3 41A5266-3 41A5266-1 12D584-1

LiftMaster Travel Module

  • Fits models 8165 8355 & 8155W

LiftMaster Cable Tension Monitor

  • Used on jackshaft model residential garage door openers

LiftMaster Circuit Board with Plate for 3800 3900 41DJ001B

  • Board: Security+ 315 MHz
  • For jackshaft models; 3800 3800P 3800PLD & 3900
  • Also known as 41DB001-2

LiftMaster Chain Drive Gear & Sprocket Assembly


LiftMaster Circuit Board for various 1.25 HP retail openers

  • Board: Tri-band Security+ 2.0
  • DC Chain/ Belt Drive model
  • Works with 1.25HP retail openers
  • Also known as: 041D7356‑5 41D7356‑5 45DCT125 1D7356‑5 001D7656‑5

LiftMaster Electric Motor and Bracket for 3800 / 8500

  • For models: 3800 3800P & 3800PLD
  • Also known as 002D1622

LiftMaster Safety Sensor Kit 2021 - Present works with all Liftmaster residential openers 1993+

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Belt Drive and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers featuring myQ® technology and Secure View™ Video Camera
  • Complete kit includes: Sending sensor (with LED) receiving sensor (with LED) 2-conductor wire (5) wire connectors and replacement hardware which is not compatible with the older style safety sensor kits.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: These safety reversing sensors feature new mounting brackets (041-0155-000) and are NOT compatible with the older style safety sensors.
  • The new safety sensors will work with the older style brackets (41A5266-3).

LiftMaster Chain Pulley Bracket Kit

  • Also known as: 1B3214 1A2780 1C2762 41A2780 41B3214
  • Compatible with ATS 2595 3595 models

LiftMaster Travel Module (41D8071-4)

  • For model: 8550W & 8160
  • Same as 41D8071-4

LiftMaster RPM Sensor Kit

  • RPM sensor assembly 1986 - present

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly

  • Board: Security+ 315 MHz
  • Aeesmbly includes: circuit board and end panel
  • Also includes 1 Multi-Function wall ctrl panel - 2 wire
  • For ATS2113X model
  • For older ATS operators use replacement board 41A5021-1ATS

LiftMaster Chain Spreader

  • For models 2575 3575 3275 PD752 PD758 and others

LiftMaster Idler - Cable Pulley for chain drive

  • For square rail assemblies
  • Same as 144C0056

LiftMaster Idler Belt Pulley

  • Wide idler belt drive pulley
  • For square rail assemblies