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LiftMaster Electric Motor w/Travel Module Belt Drive

  • For 8355 model opener

LiftMaster Travel Module (41D8071-4)

  • For model: 8550W & 8160
  • Same as 41D8071-4

LiftMaster Motor & Travel Module (41D8006-1)

  • For model: 8550
  • Also known as: 41D8006-1 41D1739-1 41D1624-1 041D1624-1

LiftMaster DC Passpoint Assembly

  • Travel Module for 3850

LiftMaster Travel Module (8500 3800P 3800PLD & 3900) - 41B8861

  • Works on model 8500

LiftMaster Trolley Kit for Belt Drive

  • Complete trolley assembly
  • Replaces 41B3869-1

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly 41A5685

  • Assembly includes: Circuit board end panel and light socket
  • For belt drive units with two lights such as 3850C
  • Same as 41A5685

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly for Single Capacitor Models

  • Assembly includes: End panel Logic board and Light socket
  • For chain drive units with two lights ie..3575 3585 3595 PD752D and PD758D

LiftMaster Square Rail Trolley Kit Chain Drive

  • Same as: 062313 41C5141 41C5141-1
  • Compatible with all Chamberlain and Craftsman square rail chain drive models

LiftMaster Chain Drive Gear & Sprocket Assembly


LiftMaster Snappy Beam Sensors

  • Will work on all LiftMaster residential openers equipped with safety beams
  • For newer models 1999-current will fit on existing brackets
  • For older models 1993-1999 new brackets #41A5281 are required or use old style safety beams #41A4373A

Genie Replacement Carrage Assembly

  • For Genie belt drive garage door opener model 2040L

LiftMaster Circuit Board with Plate for 3800 3900 41DJ001B

  • Board: Security 315 MHz
  • For jackshaft models; 3800 3800P 3800PLD & 3900

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board AC WiFi

  • This is a 315MHz Security 2.0® Receiver Logic Board featuring Wi-Fi with MyQ® technology.
  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® AC Chain or Belt Drive Garage Door Openers; manufactured after 2011.
  • The unit will feature a yellow learn button
  • Also known as: 1D8088-1 1D8808-3 041D8088

LiftMaster Circuit Board

  • Board: Tri-band Security 2.0
  • DC Chain/ Belt Drive model
  • Fits: 8360 8550
  • Also known as; 45DCBR1A 041D7356 1D7356 41DCBC1A 41DCBC3A 41DCCC2A 41DCBC5A 45DCCL5A 45DCCL3A 45DCCL1A 45DCCR5A 41D7356 45DCCR3A 45DCCR1A 001D7356 41DCCC1A 41DCCC3A 45DCJL5A 45DCRL1A 41DCCC5A 45DCRL3A 45DCJL1A 45DCJL3A 45DCBL5A 45DCBL3A 45DCBL1A 45DCBR5A

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly

  • Assembly includes: circuit board end panel and light socket
  • For belt drive units
  • Fits 2280 2580 WD822K(s) WD922K WD912K(S)

LiftMaster Brackets for Snappy Sensors (41A5266-3)

  • For units from 1993- present equipped with safety sensors
  • Same as 41A5266-3
  • For use with with 41A5281

LiftMaster Circuit Board with Plate for 8500

  • Board: Security 2.0 for DC Jackshaft Model 8500

LiftMaster Curved / Bent Arm Kit (41B0035B)

  • Will work with most residential garage door openers
  • Also known as: 4178B0035B 178B32 41B0035B 4178B35 178B35 012385990357 178B35B

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board

  • Also known as: 41AB150-2 41AB150
  • Receiver Logic Board 315MHz