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Genie Chain Glide Inner Slide ML Series with Magnet

  • For ML Series with Magnet: 350ML 500ML 700ML 800ML

LiftMaster Full Belt Assembly for 10ft Door

  • For belt drive models: 2500 2580 2280 3500 3280 3280M 3850 8355 2585 3585 2500B & D

LiftMaster Full Belt Assembly for 7ft Door For Models 2001 and up

  • For belt drive models: 2500 2580 2280 3500 3280 3280M 3850 8355 2585 3585 2500B & D

LiftMaster Belt Pulley Bracket Kit

  • Works on models 1270. 1280 & 1280R

Linear Pulley & Bracket Assembly - Belt (HBT)


LiftMaster Full Belt Assembly for 8ft Door

  • For belt drive models: 2500 2580 2280 3500 3280 3280M 3850 8355 2585 3585 2500B & D

LiftMaster Trolley Kit for Belt Drive

  • Complete trolley assembly
  • Replaces 41B3869-1

LiftMaster Complete Trolley Assembly for chain drive

  • For chain drive models 1984
  • Compatible with Sears Chamberlain

Genie Inner Slide Kit for Chain Drive Models

  • The innerslide attaches to the chain and connects the carriage to the chain
  • Works on the following Genie and Overhead Door models:
  • IC250 PMX80 PMX500-IC/B IC250/B PMX85 ALC Series PMX60 PMX300-IC/A RCD Series PMX65 PMX500IC/A PMX75 PMX-IC/B
  • SP99 ®®® SP SERIES LD100-500-100A-550A LAD125-555 .......more details

Genie Traveler for Chain and Belt Drive Models

  • Replacement carriage for models: 1022/24/26 2022/24/26 and 2200
  • Comes with a pull cord for manual release.

LiftMaster Square Rail Trolley Kit Chain Drive

  • Same as: 062313 41C5141 41C5141-1
  • Compatible with all Chamberlain and Craftsman square rail chain drive models

SkyLink Trolley for T-Rails


Genie Carriage Release Assembly Belt Drive ** No Longer Available

  • Carriage slide sold seperately- part number 27175B
  • This carriage is used for Genie and Overhead chain and belt channel rails

Stanley Chain Drive Traveler

  • Compatible with all Stanley chain drive units from 1982-present
  • Not compatible with C-Channel models
  • Same as part no. 3701965 3703375 3702540
  • If trolley slider no. 24851 is also required order part number 49563

LiftMaster Wear Pads 4/pkg Square Rail Only

  • Fits square trolley rail only
  • Same as 183A163

LiftMaster Idler Pulley 2" OD 1/2" Bore

  • Also known as: 144B0018 144B18

LiftMaster Trolley Assembly Belt Drive

  • For retail model
  • For belt drive

LiftMaster Trolley Belt Clip


LiftMaster Pulley Only for Cable Pulley Bracket

  • Also known as: 144A12 144B16

LiftMaster 8ft Belt Assembly for Models '93-2000

  • For use with LiftMaster belt drive models 1270 1280 1280R.
  • Full belt assembly
  • For use with Chamberlain belt drive models 8100 8200 and 9200.
  • For standard 8 foot high garage doors .......more details