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Heddolf 4-Wire Single Channel Receiver with F-Connector 318 MHz

  • Allstar compatible
  • 1 Channel
  • Dip switch settings

Heddolf 2-btn Transmitter 8-Dip Switch 318 MHz

  • Allstar compatible remote

Heddolf 3-btn Transmitter 8-Dip Switch 318 MHz

  • Allstar compatible remote

Heddolf 1-btn Long Range Transmitter 433 MHz with antenna

  • 1 button gate and garage door opener transmitter
  • Up to 1500 ft range
  • 10 dip switch format
  • Includes antenna
  • Same as ER220-K

Heddolf 1-Button Mini Transmitter 318MHz ** Available to Extent of Inventory

  • Open/Close mini remote for 1 door
  • 8 dip switch
  • Allstar compatible

Heddolf 1-btn Overhead Compatible Remote 9 Dip Switch 390 MHz

  • Overhead compatible full-size transmitter

Heddolf 1-btn Genie Compatible Remote 9 or 12-Dip Switch 390 MHz

  • Genie compatible transmitter

Heddolf Long Range Receiver 433 MHz

  • Up to 1500ft range
  • Compatible with EX220-1K

Heddolf 1-btn Transmitter 8-Dip Switch 318 MHz

  • Allstar compatible remote

Heddolf Genie Compatible 390 or 315 MHz 3-btn Transmitter

  • 390 or 315 MHz rolling code compatible 3-Button 3-Channel remote transmitter
  • Works with Genie and Overhead Door openers that utilize a ROLLING CODE 315 or 390 MHz
  • Compatible with Genie model GIC-3 GIT90-3 GIT-3 GIT-3BL G2T-3 G2T-3BL GICT390-3BL ACSGT ACSCTG Type 1 ACSGT Type 1 TBSTG Type 1 Series II Electronics Compatible Remote and B8QACSC