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LiftMaster Single Arm Solar Package for LA500 Gate Operator UL325 (Includes SP10W12V XLSOLARCONTUL K94-37236 LMRRUL K10-36183 A12330SGLPK LA500DC)

  • Kit Includes: LA500DC arm XL Solar control box (XLSOLARCONTU) which includes two 10WATT 12V Solar panels compatible with LA400 LA412 and LA500 Universal Solar harness (K94-37236) Monitored Retro Reflective Photos Eyes (LMRRU) Battery Tray (K10-36183) and two batteies (A12330SGLPK)
  • For dual gates order extra LA500DCS secondary arm
  • Updated unit complies with new UL325 code revised Jan 2016
  • Commercial Duty Cast Aluminum Housing with Heavy-Duty DC Motor powerful enough to perform in the most demanding applications. Soft start/stop operation extends operator and hardware life for heavy-duty gate use.

LiftMaster Light Curtain Monitored

  • The Monitored Light Curtain is a primary safety entrapment protection device that is compliant with UL 325.
  • IP67 Water-resistant housing anodized aluminum corrosion resistant
  • Operating Temperature: -40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C)
  • Liftmaster Compatibility: LOGIC 5.0 Medium-Duty DDO8900W / LJ8900W / LJ8950W / ATSWVFOH HPH1 / HPH2 HCTDCUL Fire Door Egress

LiftMaster RFID Long Range Vehicle Access Card Reader

  • Easy wall or post mount vehicle tag/prox card reader can service an entire facility parking garage gated community/HOA or guarded properties.
  • Integrates into (CAPXL CAP2D) Liftmaster PPWR Passport Receiver and LiftMaster CSW24U 24 VDC Commercial Swing Gate Operator CSL24UL HCTDCUL systems to give access via encrypted-digital code.
  • Opens swing or slides gates from 20-30 feet distance
  • 26-bit Wiegand Interface console
  • Encrypted binary protocol signal
  • Helpful Programming/Testing/Function tri-color LEDs on both reader face and Wiegand console
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Maglock 12/24 VDC 1300 LB Strength

  • 1300 pounds holding force
  • Equipped with an attached welding bracket and junction box with knockouts on four sides for fast and easy setup
  • Steel armature and mounting plates
  • Designed for minimum 1.5' gate frame
  • Outdoor face and side plate mounting
  • 12 or 24 VDC power
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Light Duty Jackshaft Door Op. for Sectional Doors

  • Ideal for smaller/lighter commercial doors with light duty cycle requirements
  • MyQ Technology Built-In Wi-Fi Real-Time Alerts
  • Smooth Start/Stop
  • Optional Accesories 827LM MyQ Remote LED light 485LM Battery Back-up 841LM Automatic Door Lock 480LMB Alternate Mounting Kit and LC-36A Light Curtain
  • Compatible remotes; 893MAX 891LM 893LM

LiftMaster Pull Switch Assembly Nema 4

  • May be used in two different ways: as an OPEN only control (all LiftMaster operators) or as an OPEN/CLOSE control (only LiftMaster operators with types B2 and S2 control wiring).
  • In the latter case pulling the cord will open a fully closed door close a fully opened door and reverse a closing door.
  • Pulling the cord whlie the door is opening will either have no effect (type B2 wiring) or will stop the door (Solid State Logic Control Board).

Hercules Infrared Programming Remote Red (50-HERK-RC2)

  • Conveniently choose from 8 different preset comfort functions to adjust detection fields mounting heights relay hold interval cross traffic optimization direction recognition people/vehicle separation slow motion detection turn on/off filter functions open the door manually and much more
  • Bidirectional
  • Fine-tune the motion detector from the ground without guessing if all the settings have been received by the sensor

LiftMaster Option Card with CPS-L Eyes **to extent of inventory

  • For applications requiring two sets of photoeyes ( CPS-III)

LiftMaster Nema 7/9 Ceiling Switch Pull Control

  • Single Pull Switch Control
  • Hazardous Area Overhead Mt. (NEMA 7/9)
  • Die cast hazardous area enclosure
  • May be used in two different ways; as an OPEN only control (all LiftMaster operators) or as an OPEN/CLOSE control (only LiftMaster operators with types B2 and S2 control wiring). In the latter case pulling the cord will open a fully closed door close a fully opened door and reverse a closing door.
  • Pulling the cord whlie the door is opening will either have no effect (type B2 wiring) or will stop the door (Solid State Logic Control Board).
  • WARNING: When used on most industrial operators this control will not stop the door. Use another control that has a STOP button in conjunction with this control.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Treadle Protection Plate **discontinued


LiftMaster RBMA Electric Treadle Nema 4/12 5ft long

  • Five feet long.
  • OPEN only (all LiftMaster operators) or SAFETY only (LiftMaster operators with type B2 C2 L2 T T1 or TS control wiring) after vehicle passes over treadle.
  • The weight of the vehicle compresses an electric switch which sends an open signal to the door.
  • Requires a 2-wire connection to the operator but does not require power to function

LiftMaster Sensing Probe Free Exit 100ft Lead

  • Self-contained free exit system designed to detect moving vehicle and open your automatic gate.
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • Connects directly to any gate operator without an external output board.
  • Works with powered or solar gates.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Cable Lead Length: 100 ft.
  • Power Requirements: 8-24 VAC oe 8-30 CSX
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Residential 24V DC Swing Gate Operator All-In-One UL325

  • LED DIAGNOSTIC DISPLAY Simplifies installation and troubleshooting.
  • WIRELESS DUAL-GATE COMMUNICATION Eliminates expensive conduit costs and unsightly driveway scars.
  • BI-PART DELAY Monitors and adjusts speed and position of each wing to ensure primary gate closes last.
  • PROGRAMMABLE AUXILIARY RELAYS Easily add additional features such as warning lights/alarms.
  • ANTI-TAILGATE Prevents unauthorized access. Gate will pause when closing as vehicle pulls onto interrupt loop or breaks photo beam. Once vehicle backs up gate will continue to close.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster New Wireless Commercial Keypad 5-Code Sec.+2.0

  • Designed to work exclusively with Security+ 2.0
  • 5 permanent PINs and 10 unique temporary PINs ideal for residential and small commercial applications; unique temporary PINs can be set for 1 to 9 uses
  • Allows for removal of a single PIN while maintaining full access for other users
  • High-impact polycarbonate front cover; perfect for rugged outdoor environment
  • Blue backlit metal keypad makes it easy to use under low-light conditions
  • Electronics are fully sealed and meet NEMA 4X water protection requirements
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Passport Lite 1-Button Mini Remote with Sec+ 2.0 Technology 10/PKG

  • Passport Lite Remote Controls provide cost-effective single button access solutions for gate access only or high-capacity commercial properties applications such as employee parking lots and tenant garages.
  • These remote controls are specifically designed for gate access control and are not compatible with LiftMaster Garage Door Openers.
  • 2x the range of standard remote controls
  • Narrow-band transmission on 3 simultaneous frequencies (310 MHz 315 MHz 390 MHz)
  • Compatible with LiftMaster® commercial receivers (850LM 860LM PPWR STAR1000) and Security+ 2.0™ Gate Operators
  • Keychain remote control sold in a 10 pack
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Residential 24VDC Linear Actuator Secondary Arm Only New Model

  • Secondary Arm Only for LA400
  • All new arms are backwards compatible with the previous model but the LiftMaster branding is different

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly Kit 2010 and later 315 MHz

  • UL325 Replacement circuit board for Medium-Duty Logic Commercial Operators
  • Used on models MJ MH MHS MT BMT and MGJ (UL325 compliant operators)
  • 315 MHz intergral radio receiver accepts 20 Sec+ remotes or unlimited dip switch

LiftMaster GL Replacement Board

  • Replacement Logic Board for LiftMaster Gate Operators
  • Fits Slide operator SL570 SL575 SL580 SL585 SL590 SL595
  • Fits Swing operators SW420 SW470 SW490

LiftMaster Solenoid Brake Assembly for APT


LiftMaster Internal Brake Kit 575V 3PH for L5 Operators

  • Complete with: Brake hub kit Brake release lever Brake disc Spring cup Studs Compression springs Brake solenoid Solenoid cover Spacers Mounting plate Pressure plate Feather key and Conduit
  • Can be replaced in-field