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Genie Service Head 6070H/B 6170H/B

  • Head Service Kit for 6070H/6070HB and 6170H/6170HB
  • Special Order Price by Quote Only

Genie Universal Master 3-Button Remote - 37344R

  • Three Button Master™ Visor Remote
  • This 3 button remote can be used with 3 Intellicode openers
  • Replaces all Intellicode Series I And Series ll remotes
  • Replaces 9 switch and 12 switch 390MHz Genie remotes
  • Works with all Genie model Gated Community Receivers
  • This remote will not work with 315MHz Canada 12 switches openers
  • .......more details

Genie Dual Frequency Wireless Keypad 37224R

  • Temporary PIN codes to allow for one time special access needs
  • Able to operate up to three Genie Intellicode garage door openers
  • Auto-seek dual frequency technology automatically transmits in both 315 and 390 MHz
  • Compatible with Intellicode 1 and Code Dodger series

Genie Chain Glide Inner Slide ML Series with Magnet

  • For ML Series with Magnet: 350ML 500ML 700ML 800ML

Genie Garage Door Opener LED Bulb LEDB2-R 1/Pkg

  • LED: Long life low energy
  • Universal - works with all major brand garage door openers.
  • Eliminates or reduces remote interference.
  • Vibration and shatter-resistant up to 5Gs of shaking force.
  • Light appearance: 4000 K (neutral)
  • Brightness: 800 Lumens
  • .......more details

Overhead Logic Board for RMX

  • Replacement circuit board kit for the Overhead Door RMX commercial operator.
  • Replacement circuit board for the Overhead Door RMX commercial operator. UL 325 2010 compliant.
  • This circuit board replaces part #110955.0001

Genie Series II Wall Console

  • Three-function wall console with backlit panel that is easy to locate in the dark.
  • Sure-Lock mode allows you to lock-out the keypad and remotes for extra security at night or while on vacation
  • When Sure-Lock™ is ON and the garage door is in the fully closed position the powerhead cannot be activated by the wall console or a remote.
  • Same as GBWCSL2-BX

Genie Traveler Assembly for Screw Drive

  • Fits model 3060 L/M
  • Replaces: 25589R 25589S 25589C 20414R 34107R 20073R & 24357R

Genie Replacement Safety Beam Set

  • Works on all Genie model openers including Legacy with 2-pin connector safety beams
  • Not compatible with openers made before 1995
  • Brackets and wiring included
  • Will work with all Genie and Overhead Residential openers that were manufactured with photo-eyes

Genie Garage Door Opener LED Bulb LEDB1-R 1/Pkg

  • Unlike other LED and CFL bulbs this bulb will reduce or eliminate radio frequency interference
  • Uses 10 watts but equivalent to a 60-watt bulb
  • Works with almost all garage door openers
  • Lasts up to 25000 hours
  • Shatter-resistant vibration-resistant
  • Cold weather rated up to -30C
  • .......more details

Genie 1-btn Dual Frequency Transmitter -38501R

  • Auto Seek Dual Frequency 390/315 MHz
  • For Intellicode products only
  • 1-Button Remote Control with Intellicode.
  • Compatible with all Genie openers produced since 1995.

Genie Magnetic Close Down Limit Switch Assembly 138"

  • For Chain Glide models

Genie Inner Slide Kit for Chain Drive Models

  • The innerslide attaches to the chain and connects the carriage to the chain
  • Works on the following Genie and Overhead Door models:
  • IC250 PMX80 PMX500-IC/B IC250/B PMX85 ALC Series PMX60 PMX300-IC/A RCD Series PMX65 PMX500IC/A PMX75 PMX-IC/B
  • SP99 – SP SERIES LD100-500-100A-550A LAD125-555
  • CM6000-6000A-60-70-80-60S
  • OHD-696 696CD + Others
  • .......more details

Genie Chain Drive Bullet Assembly

  • This Genie chain drive bullet assembly is the white piece that holds the chain for the garage door opener together.
  • Works with chain model Genie garage door openers that have a C-Channel rail.
  • The chain carriage assembly for these models also attaches to this chain bullet assembly allowing it to move the garage door open and closed up and down the rail.
  • Assembly contains: The 2 Bullet side white pieces and the four screws to install it
  • Compatible with Genie models that have a chain rail: 1028 2028 3020H 3020H-B 3024 4024 3022 3042 3120H 3120H-B 4022 4042 4124 4164 (ChainMax ReliaG IntellG and TriloG series with these model numbers)

Overhead Door Poly VBelt for RSX RMX Jackshaft

  • Serpentine belt for Rolling Steel Door
  • Fits Genie GCL-T Trolley operator
  • Overhead Jackshaft models: RSX RMX

Genie Res. Wall Mount GDO w/ BBU Smart Pkg 6170H-B

  • Heavy-duty jackshaft lifting forces is employed with this new design but modified for residential setting and smoother operartion.
  • The Aladdin Connect smart-garage app comes standard on the 6170H-B logic module
  • Fast set-up and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant devices.
  • App available on iOS and PlayStore.
  • Open close get notifications for and set time alerts for your garage from any capable mobile device!
  • Shows usage reports on up to 20 users. Set pre-determined open close times. No monthly subscription fee!
  • .......more details

Genie Main Control Board Kit 6070H 6170HB

  • Primary electrical and logic interface for Genie's 6070 and 6170 Garage Door Openers
  • DOES NOT include the Genie Aladdin Connect Control Board #41153R

Genie Control Board

  • Replaces any circuit board starting with 37028
  • Does not come with new housing
  • Compatible with models 1022 1024 1042 1026 2022 2024 2042 2026 and 2027

Overhead 1-btn Transmitter 390 MHz

  • Replaces the 1091303901.S
  • 1 channel transmitter opens and closes 1 door
  • Codes using 9 dip switches with 3 positions
  • Battery (ALK12V) and visor clip included
  • Compatible with all Overhead Door 390 MHz frequency garage door openers that were manufactured before 1996.
  • This was a common remote on the 556C
  • .......more details

Heddolf Overhead Compatible 1-btn Transmitter 390 MHz

  • The Heddolf 0220-1KB-390 is compatible with the following pre-1996 garage door openers that use the 390MHz version remote: Touch' N Go 45 45A 45B 45C 55 55A 55B 55C 65 65A 65B 65C 450 450A 451 455 456 550 551 555 556 650 656 100 100SS 1000 1000A 1055 1056.
  • Replaces: 108395 1083953901 108395-390-1 108395.3901 109125 1091253901 109125-390-1 109125.3901 109130 1091303901 109130-390-1 109130.3901 109431 1094313901 109431-390-1 109431.3901 111663 1116633901 111663-390-1 111663.3901
  • Visor style gate or garage door opener remote transmitter
  • Programs using 9 dip switches with 3 positions each (+/0/-).
  • 390 MHz frequency
  • Visor clip and battery included
  • .......more details