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Genie 3-btn Dual Frequency Transmitter -37218R

Item #: G3T-BX

Manufacturer: Genie / Overhead

List price: $49.99

Manuals & Brochures:
Programming Instructions, Instructions de programmation,
  • This transmitter replaces all Intellicode and Overhead Door Code Dodger transmitters made after 1997.
  • For Intellicode operators pre-1997 use GITR3 for best results
  • Operates with 315 & 390 MHz Intellicode 2 technology
  • Able to control up to 3 garage doors
  • Visor clip and battery CR2032 included
  • This remote will replace the following series of tranmitters: GIT GIC90 GMIC90 G2T OCDT ACSCTG TBSTG