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LiftMaster Power Board 3 Ph SL585U/SL595U

  • For use with LiftMaster® SL585U & SL595U Series; and various 3 Phase Commercial Slide Gate Operator Models.

LiftMaster Logic 5 Board Kit with Current Sense- 1Ph & 3Ph L5

  • The K001D8395 is a 1 Phase and 3 Phase L5 logic board replacement kit.
  • This kit is compatible with LiftMaster® 3 Phase Commercial Door Operators manufactured after April 2016 only.
  • This L5 logic board is equipped with current sense.
  • All 3 Phase operators made after April 2016 will require this board.

LiftMaster Replacement Logic 4 Circuit Board L4

  • iftMaster replacement logic board (L4) kit for Commercial operators L4 board is UL325 compliant & requires CSPU photoeyes for momentary contact operation
  • Works with LiftMaster operators of all voltages and HP
  • Maintenance Alert System (MAS)
  • Open Mid Stop feature .......more details

Doorlec DC-2000 Electronic Circuit Board

  • Works in all Doorlec model openers except R-99
  • Input power to board is 120V
  • 24V DC available on terminals 9 & 11
  • Accessory power on terminals 1 & 11

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly with Reset


LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly Kit 2010 390 MHz


LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly Kit 2010 315 MHz

  • UL325 Replacement circuit board for Medium-Duty Logic Commercial Operators
  • Used on models MJ MH MHS MT BMT and MGJ (UL325 compliant operators)
  • 315 MHz intergral radio receiver accepts 20 Sec remotes or unlimited dip switch

LiftMaster GL Replacement Board

  • Replacement Logic Board for LiftMaster Gate Operators
  • Fits Slide operator SL570 SL575 SL580 SL585 SL590 SL595
  • Fits Swing operators SW420 SW470 SW490

LiftMaster Upgrade Kit with Eyes DC Pad Mount for UL325

  • Upgrade Kit for models CSW24V CSW24VH CSW24VDC CSL24V CSL24VH and CSL24VDC UL325 Approved Gate Operators; manufactured 2012 to 2015.
  • Complete kit includes: Main Control Board Expansion Board LiftMaster® Monitored Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor Kit UL Upgrade label and Adapter Harness (used with CSW24V CSL24V and CSL24VH only)

LiftMaster EMI Board

  • This is a replacement EMI Board. Compatible with LiftMaster® Model HCT Overhead Gate Operators

LiftMaster Power Board 3ph 575V L5

  • This is a 3PH/L5 Power Board 575V Replacement Kit. Compatible with various LiftMaster® 3 Phase Logic 5.0 Commercial Door Operators; equipped with current sense

LiftMaster FDCL Receiver Logic Board with Battery Rev 500

  • Replacement kit charging circuit board firmware and battery for FDCL

LiftMaster Control Board RSL12V/RSW12V


LiftMaster Control Board Autogate

  • Replacement control board used in various Autogate Operators.
  • Autogate is a gate operator manufacturer that utilizes LiftMaster control boards in their operators
  • Formally AG001

LiftMaster Expansion Board UL325

  • Compatible with various LiftMaster® DC Swing and Slide Gate Operators; manufactured after 2016.
  • This board is backwards compatible for older second generation units but will require UL325 Entrapment Protection System and Photoelectric Sensors or Edge Sensors.

LiftMaster Main Control Board Linear Actuators for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: LA500U LA400U LA412U
  • Same as 001D8388-1CC

LiftMaster Main Drive Board 1 Ph


LiftMaster Main Board DC Pad Mount for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: CSW24U CSL24U RSW12U and RSL12U
  • Also compatible with HCTDCU and HCTDCUL Overhead Gate Operator

LiftMaster Control Board for RSL12V / RSW12V


LiftMaster Logic Board AC