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LiftMaster Control Board HCT

  • Replaced Q400D-HCT

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly with Reset (Q400E) ***Discontinued Replaced by Q400E-HCT***


LiftMaster Surge Protection for Master / Second *** No Longer Available

  • For the Miracle-One two arm gate operator - master/ slave
  • Same as part no. K74-50329

LiftMaster Surge Protection for MIR-1 ( K74-50271)

  • For the Miracle-One single arm gate operator
  • Same as part no. K74-50271

LiftMaster Control Board Master / Second (K001A5869)

  • Replacement control board for the Miracle-One gate operator with two arms - Master / Slave.
  • Same as part no. K001A5869

LiftMaster Control Board for MIR-1 (K001A5868)

  • For Miracle-One single operator - one arm
  • Same as K001A5868

LiftMaster MA & MAT Control Board (K79-60166)

  • Electronic board for barrier gate operator
  • Same as K79-60166

LiftMaster Control Board Autogate *** Not Available

  • Replacement control board used in various Autogate Operators.
  • Autogate is a gate operator manufacturer that utilizes LiftMaster control boards in their operators
  • Formally AG001

LiftMaster Logic Board Replacement Kit FDO5011BUR UL325 with batteryback-up board

  • Replacement board for fire door model FDO5011BUR

LiftMaster Logic Board Replacement Kit FDCL Firmware Version 600

  • Replacement board for fire door model FDCL

LiftMaster Logic Board Replacement Kit FDCL

  • Replacement board for fire door model FDCL

LiftMaster Radio Receiver Board Elite

  • Fits the Miracle-One gate operator

LiftMaster FDCL Receiver Logic Board with Battery Rev 500

  • Replacement kit charging circuit board firmware and battery for FDCL

LiftMaster Power Board 3 Ph SL585U/SL595U

  • For use with LiftMaster® SL585U & SL595U Series; and various 3 Phase Commercial Slide Gate Operator Models.

LiftMaster Upgrade Kit with Eyes DC Pad Mount for UL325

  • Upgrade Kit for models CSW24V CSW24VH CSW24VDC CSL24V CSL24VH and CSL24VDC UL325 Approved Gate Operators; manufactured 2012 to 2015.
  • Complete kit includes: Main Control Board Expansion Board LiftMaster® Monitored Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor Kit UL Upgrade label and Adapter Harness (used with CSW24V CSL24V and CSL24VH only)

LiftMaster Main Board DC Pad Mount for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: CSW24U CSL24U RSW12U and RSL12U
  • Also compatible with HCTDCU and HCTDCUL Overhead Gate Operator

LiftMaster Main Control Board Linear Actuators for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: LA500U LA400U LA412U
  • Same as 001D8388-1CC

LiftMaster Expansion Board UL325

  • Compatible with various LiftMaster® DC Swing and Slide Gate Operators; manufactured after 2016.
  • This board is backwards compatible for older second generation units but will require UL325 Entrapment Protection System and Photoelectric Sensors or Edge Sensors.

LiftMaster Main Drive Board 1 Ph


LiftMaster Expansion Board for LA500DC