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Liftmaster Replacement Antenna for STAR1000

  • This is an antenna replacement kit for the PPWR & STAR 1000

LiftMaster Coaxial Cable

  • For use with 315MHz receiver

LiftMaster HomeLink Repeater Kit ** same as 855LM

  • All 2006 or older vehicles require a repeater kit installation
  • In 2007 and newer if the HomeLink does not program with opener install a repeater
  • The remote supplied in the repeater kit must be kept for future programming and is NOT to be used as a garage door opener remote

LiftMaster Lear CAR2U Repeater

  • ® The Lear Car2U® repeater kit allows compatibility between new Chamberlain® Sears Craftsman® or LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers and the Car2U system in your vehicle. ®® The Car2U system is a garage door opener integrated into your vehicle

LiftMaster Antenna Extension Kit

  • For use with 312HMC 412HMC 422LMC and 423LMC
  • Kit contains 15ft of cable

LiftMaster HomeLink Repeater Kit

  • This kit contains a repeater and a transmitter
  • The HomeLink repeater is only compatible with HomeLink equipped vehicles

LiftMaster Weatherproof Case

  • Optional weatherproof case suited for 412LMC 422LMC and 423LMC
  • Measurements of the interior: W=5.75" L=7" D=3"
  • Measurements of the exterior: W=7" L=10" H=3.5"

LiftMaster Antenna for Co-Axial Receiver

  • Wire antenna kit same as what is supplied in a 312 / 412 HMC

Erone Tuned Antenna 433MHz

  • Increase reception and/or range
  • 11.5ft (3.5m) coaxial cable (RG 58) included
  • L-Shaped bracket for wall-mounting

Linear Directional Antenna

  • Compatible with all Linear receivers with Type F antenna connector
  • Receives signals in 288 to 320 MHz range
  • Directional remote antenna designed to enhance the radio range of Linear receivers
  • Includes 10 feet of coax .......more details

Linear Omni-Directional Remote Antenna

  • The EXA-1000 is a 1/2 wave center fed vertical antenna composed of three parts: an Antenna assembly with an F connector attachment; a Base Plate assembly with radial mounting provisions; and a five-foot 75-ohm coaxial cable.
  • The cable connects to the antenna base on one end and the receivers F connector on the other.
  • If the antenna must be mounted further than five feet from the receiver an extension cable of up to a maximum of 25 feet may be used instead of the five foot cable supplied.
  • Because of the cable resistance the performance of the EXA-1000 may be degraded by using longer than a 25 foot cable .......more details

Manaras Comm. Receiver Antenna w/15' Coaxial Cable


Erone Tuned Antenna 868MHz

  • Increase reception and/or range
  • 11.5ft (3.5m) coaxial cable (RG 58) included
  • L-Shaped bracket for wall-mounting

Manaras Commercial Receiver Antenna

  • Commercial receiver coaxil antenna

Manaras 15ft coax cable extension with BNC connectors

  • Used on Radio-15 to extend antenna

Micanan Plastic Nut for Antenna Connector


Micanan Plastic Shoulder for Antenna Connector


Micanan RF Junction Connector for Antenna


Micanan Coax Cable Kit 12'


Micanan Replacement Antenna for On-Board & External Receiver

  • Approx. 8" long