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BEA Rain Hood for Eagle Artek Black

  • Rain hood only

SkyLink Wireless Long Range Alert System Base Unit with 2 Motion Sensors

  • Range of up to 800 feet in an open area
  • 2 in 1 Alert & Alarm Modes
  • Motion sensor detection range of 40 feet
  • Program up to 16 sensors 4 in each zone
  • Expandable system add on various other sensors such as Door/Window sensors Garage Door sensors and Water Alert sensors
  • Kit includes: Receiver (HA-434RL) and 2 Motion Sensors (HA-434TL)
  • .......more details

SkyLink Wireless Motion Sensor

  • Supervised Sensor: monitors the sensors and their battery condition automatically
  • Motion detecting range: 40 feet.
  • Operating range: Up to 800 feet.
  • Easy to set up (Battery not included).
  • FCC/IC approved.
  • Sensors are weatherproof but not waterproof. Sheltering it from the elements is recommended
  • .......more details