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Manaras Synthetic Oil Upgrade Only

  • This Upgrade Mod. is only available when purchaed with a compatible operator
  • Synthetic oil is placed in the operator's reducer for improved performance stability and decreased sensitivity to temperature variances

Micanan Intrinsically Safe Modification

  • Modification available for add-on to certain models only

LiftMaster Non-Resettable Counter Field Kit

  • A 6-digit non-resettable 24VAC electro-mechanical counter is mounted in the operator control enclosure.
  • This devise counts the number of times the CLOSE coil is energized or whenever the operator reaches an auxiliary open limit switch.
  • This corresponds to the number of complete door cycles of use.

Manaras Auxiliary Output Module Modification


Manaras Motor 208V/1Ph 60 Hz Modification No extra charge

  • The standard 240V/1Ph op. is coverted to 208V/1Ph incoming power supply

Manaras Double Limit Switches Mod. (Per Side)

  • An extra SPDT pole is available to control auxiliary features such as lights fans etc..
  • The additional pole must be specified on either the normally open and/or normally close contact as well as on the opening and/or closing sides
  • Modification upcharge is charged per side

Manaras Non-Resettable Counter Modification Inside Control Box

  • An electromechanical counter is activated to count each complete door cycle.

Manaras Safepack 24V Control Circuit

  • A safepack module is used as an "Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relay" and in hazardous locations with non-voltage producing sensors allowing the user to use a N.O. non-monitored sensing edge.

Manaras Factory Installed Mod plug-in receiver for Board 70 operators 390 MHz

  • Direct ECB plug-in receiver card (factory installed)
  • 16 transmitters maximun per receiver.
  • Use part # RADIO-KIT004 when adding or replacing on-site.
  • This is now standard equipment on all Circuit board operators

Timer to Close Module 14-Pin

  • Works on LYNX-6000 board

LiftMaster Auxiliary Relay Option Board

  • Provides additional contacts for and control of auxiliary devices such as external heaters security devices or warning devices
  • 5V to 240VAC

LiftMaster Timer-to-Close Modification

  • Compatible with models VSL595 BG770 and BG790
  • Provides an adjustable timer in the operator control circuit which will close the gate automatically after the preset adjustable time interval
  • May be factory or field instaled
  • Same as 71-26438 G7126438

LiftMaster Auxiliary Limit Switch Mod M62 Open Factory Installed

  • Provides a limit switch for use by others to control auxiliary devices such as lights heaters dock levelers or other equipment.
  • The switch can be used to turn on or off such equipment when the door is fully opened or fully closed.
  • When ordering specify whether the auxiliary switch is required on the OPEN or CLOSE side of the control enclosure.
  • A maximum of 2 switches per operator can be supplied. .......more details

Micanan Wiring for Quick Close Feature Modification

  • When a door is fully open if photocell or loop is activated then cleared the door closes immediately.
  • Available modification on R M only

Micanan Timer to Close 24V Modification

  • 3-button o/c/s function timer will start counting from fully open reverse and reset from any device
  • 24V modifictation available on control circuit ( R) and ( M) and is included with the new full function smart board (E)

Micanan Auxiliary Limit Switch for Monitored ECB

  • Installed to control auxiliary device

Micanan Double V-Belt Mod. for PRO-J H HHD

  • Provides added strength to the belt drive system

Micanan Wall Mount Control Panel Mod. Contactor 20" x 16" x 8" Stainless Steel Panel Nema 4/12

  • Standard features include B2 C2 wiring 24V controls Hinged cover Backplate Primary fuses in panel

Micanan Apartment Feature: Timer-to-Close Function and Light Control Modification only

  • Controlling action of two lights- sockets supplied on cover

Micanan Apartment Feature: Timer-to-Close Function and Light Control Modification only

  • Controlling action of two lights- sockets supplied on cover