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Genie Chain Drive Sprocket

  • For Genie & Overhead Door Models
  • This is a 8-tooth sprocket with a hex drive bore
  • Genie Brand Models: Relia-G 600 Relia-G 800 1024 2024 QuietLift-600 QuiteLift-800 1042 2042 ChainLift-800 ChainLift-600
  • Overhead Door Brand Models With CHAIN DRIVE: Legacy 800 2026 Standard Drive 1026

Allstar Rear Idler Sprocket

  • Allstar Allister Rear Idler Sprocket new # 009145 replaces X145
  • for Allstar/Allister models including ARD-II A Access 200/250 Access 2000/2500 Access 3000/3500 PDQ and Allister Century Series 310/510/710

Genie Opener Sprocket 10 Tooth

  • 10 Tooth Sprocket.
  • For Chain Drive Models: IC250 IC250B PMX60 PMX65 PMX75 PMX80 PMX85 PMX300-IC/A PMX500IC/A PMX300IC/B PMX700 PMX1200 GPS700 GPS1200-IC.

Genie Belt Drive Sprocket Assembly

  • Complete assembly for the belt sprocket on top of the machine.
  • Works with the following models: IntelliG 1200 and IntelliG 1000