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Genie Res. Wall Mount GDO w/ BBU Smart Pkg 6170H-B

Item #: 39934S

Manufacturer: Genie / Overhead

List price: $750.00

  • Heavy-duty jackshaft lifting forces is employed with this new design but modified for residential setting and smoother operartion.
  • The Aladdin Connect smart-garage app comes standard on the 6170H-B logic module
  • Fast set-up and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant devices.
  • App available on iOS and PlayStore.
  • Open close get notifications for and set time alerts for your garage from any capable mobile device!
  • Shows usage reports on up to 20 users. Set pre-determined open close times. No monthly subscription fee!
  • Soft start and stop torsion side-bar style garage door opener is wall mount for either right or left side
  • 24 VDC
  • Intellicode 315 to 390 auto-selection frequency
  • Switches automatically the MHz wavelength to avoid interference with nearby devices