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LiftMaster Gear Reducer 45:1 1/3-1 HP

  • Same as: 3211009 3290011 32-11009
  • For use on 3-horsepower 45:1 LiftMaster GH (gear head) commercial garage door operators

LiftMaster Clutch Shaft Kit HMJ


LiftMaster Gear Box Kit #70 K75-50224

  • For use with various LiftMaster® Commercial Swing Gate Operators manufactured after 1997

LiftMaster APE Kit 24V

  • For use with various LiftMaster® Swing Gate and Slide Gate Operators

LiftMaster Control Box Cover HCT K75-50190

  • Replacement Control Box Cover Q170.
  • Compatible with LiftMaster® Model HCT Overhead Gate Operators

LiftMaster Limit Box Kit

  • Compatible with model SL585 Slide Gate Operators.

LiftMaster Clutch Shaft Kit T GH


LiftMaster Electric Motor 1/2 HP 208/230/460V 3Ph L3 L4 L or M

  • Standard 1/2 hp motor
  • This is a replacement Motor Kit (1/2 HP 230/460V 3PH CF)
  • For use with various LiftMaster® Three Phase Gear-Reduced Commercial Door Operators and Slide Gate Operators
  • Also known as: 6002242 K20-3050C-4 203050 K20-3050C4 20-3050C-4 203050C4 20-3050C-4P

LiftMaster Upgrade Kit with Eyes DC Pad Mount for UL325

  • Upgrade Kit for models CSW24V CSW24VH CSW24VDC CSL24V CSL24VH and CSL24VDC UL325 Approved Gate Operators; manufactured 2012 to 2015.
  • Complete kit includes: Main Control Board Expansion Board LiftMaster® Monitored Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor Kit UL Upgrade label and Adapter Harness (used with CSW24V CSL24V and CSL24VH only)

LiftMaster Motor Pulley 2-1/2" OD 1/2" Bore (K17-50098)

  • Replacement motor pulley of motor output shaft for Liftmaster Elite models SL3000UL and CSW2000UL

LiftMaster Crank Input for SL3000 (K75-50242)


LiftMaster Manual Crank for SL3000 (K07-50303)

  • Hand crank for SL3000

LiftMaster Gear Reducer 28:1

  • This is a replacement Gear Reducer (28:1). Compatible with LiftMaster® HCTDCU Overhead Gate Operators.

LiftMaster Electric Motor 1-1/2 HP 230/460V 3PH CF TEFC

  • Also known as: K20-3200C-4TP 20-3150C-4T K20-3200C4T 20-3200C-4T

LiftMaster Trolley Nut Kit LA500

  • The travel nut on LA500DC and LA500DCS gate operators may break when excessive force is applied to the gate such as being struck from a vehicle.
  • The travel nut can be identified as the white plastic nut that attaches to the internal lead screw of the arm.
  • The symptom of this problem is that the trolley assembly slides back and forth along the guide slots without mechanical restraint.
  • LiftMaster has created Trolley Service Kit K75-39337 with all the necessary parts and provides instructions on how to replace a damaged travel nut within an LA500 arm

LiftMaster Plug-In Transformer 120VAC

  • 120VAC 50-60Hz 36VDC 1.1A Output
  • Used on the LA400

LiftMaster Electric Motor 1HP

  • Replacement motor for SL595101U

LiftMaster Electric Motor 2 HP 575V 3PH CF

  • Also known as: 20-3200C-5 K20-3200C5

LiftMaster EMI Board

  • This is a replacement EMI Board. Compatible with LiftMaster® Model HCT Overhead Gate Operators

LiftMaster Hardware Kit SL575 SL585 SL595