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Marantec Replacement Belt with Tab for 8ft Door

  • Overall Belt Length = 250"
  • Travel limit tab attached to belt
  • For Marantec opener models: M4500 M4700 Q7500 Q7700 Q7900 M4500e M4700e M4900e Synergy 260 Synergy 270 Synergy 280 Synergy 360 Synergy 370 Synergy 380 Synergy Solo
  • Check the Belt Connector while you are replacing the belt. If it's worn or cracked it should also be replaced

Marantec Reference Switch for Chain Rails

  • This part works with the positioning tab and motor to determine the open & close limits of the actual garage door.

Stanley Magnet Assembly for Quiet Glide


Genie Sprocket Bushing *** Discontinued

  • For Genie Chain Drive or Belt Drive Channel Rails.
  • Fits the following models: PMX700 PMX1200 GPS00-IC GPS1200-IC
  • This items is no longer available

Genie Washer

  • Drive shaft washer for PMX500