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Linear 1-btn MegaCode Block Coded Transmitter 318 MHz

  • Compatible with all Linear access receivers and controllers
  • Superior transmission range
  • Operate LED
  • Visor clip included
  • Sold in lots of 10
  • Power: 9-volt battery
  • .......more details

Linear 1-Channel Delta3 Gate Receiver 310 MHz (DNR00101) ***Discontinued

  • Auto voltage sensing - no jumpers to set
  • Single Form ”A” (normally open) relay rated at 30 Volts AC/DC up to 5 Amps
  • Supplied with whip antenna three feet of coaxial cable and bulkhead connector
  • Power: 12 - 30 VAC or 10.5 - 30 VDC
  • Codes: 256 (set by dip switches)
  • RF frequency: 310 MHz
  • .......more details

Linear Drive Sprocket - Belt (HBT)


Linear Magnetic Striped Cards Sold in Pkg 25 *** To Extent of Inventory

  • Magnetic striped cards
  • Track II encoded
  • Low-CO magnetic stripe
  • Sold in lots of 25
  • Same as: 0-200025

Linear Proxpad Plus Integrated Prox Reader and Controller w/Keypad

  • Prox.pad™ plus is a fully integrated PC managed single door access system with a stand alone proximity reader and keypad.
  • The prox.pad plus when used on it’s own provides standard access control functionality with the use of it’s two relays and two inputs for request to exit and door position and enhanced system functionality when used with Hub Manager® Professional software.
  • The software allows the management of people and doors through easy to create reports and step by step wizard assisted expanded feature functionality.
  • The software can communicate to the prox.pad plus either through a 485 connection or on a LAN/WAN using the SEG-1 TCP/IP communication device.
  • By utilizing the proximity reader and keypad together a higher level of security is achieved by requiring both to grant access.
  • The prox.pad plus can be directly mounted to a single gang electrical box or to most flat surfaces.
  • .......more details

Linear 3-Channel Visor Transmitter 318MHz ** To extent of Inventory

  • Activates three MegaCode receivers
  • Test/operate LED
  • Visor mounting clip supplied
  • Visor clip mounts vertical or horizontal
  • Power: One 2032 battery
  • Codes: 1000000+ (MegaCode format)
  • .......more details

Linear Wireless Multi-Code Keypad 310 MHz

  • Compatible with 310 MHz Stanley and Multi-Code receivers
  • 4-digit access code
  • Backlit keys
  • Easy access to battery
  • Power: 9-volt battery
  • Codes: 1024 (set by dip switches)
  • .......more details

Linear 1-Channel Multi-Code Key Ring Transmitter 310 MHz

  • Open/Close mini remote for 1 door
  • Compatible with 310 MHz Stanley and Multi-Code receivers
  • Easy access to battery and coding switches - 10 dip switches
  • Power: 12-volt battery
  • Codes: 1024 (set by dip switches)
  • RF frequency: 310 MHz
  • .......more details

Linear Inner Slide Assembly - Chain (HCT)

  • For LSO50 LDO33 & LDO50

Linear 2-Channel Delta3 Receiver 310 MHz

  • Activates two devices
  • Wire lead antenna
  • 12 and 24 Volt models
  • Two-channel wireless radio control designed for use with automatic garage/gate operators and access control systems.
  • The receiver can be activated by any of the Delta-3 format transmitters
  • Mounting bracket supplied
  • .......more details

Linear Main Cover LDCO

  • Replacement cover only

Linear Woodruff Key #15 1/4 x 1"


Linear Sprocket 40A48 Machined


Linear Sprocket 50B20 1" Bore


Linear Dowel Pin .3752 dia x 2" Long


Linear Plate Torque Limiter VS/GSLG-A


Linear Friction Disc 5.5 x 2.06 x .18 pair


Linear Belleville Washer


Linear Belleville Washer Retaining Disc


Linear Jam Nut 1"-14W 5/16 Tap Hole