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Linear Ste Screw Brass Tip 5/16-18x5/16


Linear Sprocket 48B15 1" Bore


Linear Collar Set 1B 9/16 LTB


Linear Plate with Solid Pin V Groove


Linear Drive Shaft 1" Slide Gate HSLG


Linear Retaining Ring


Linear Pillow Block Bearing 1"


Linear Omni-Directional Remote Antenna (AAE00198)

  • The EXA-1000 is a 1/2 wave center fed vertical antenna composed of three parts: an Antenna assembly with an F connector attachment; a Base Plate assembly with radial mounting provisions; and a five-foot 75-ohm coaxial cable.
  • The cable connects to the antenna base on one end and the receivers F connector on the other.
  • If the antenna must be mounted further than five feet from the receiver an extension cable of up to a maximum of 25 feet may be used instead of the five foot cable supplied.
  • Because of the cable resistance the performance of the EXA-1000 may be degraded by using longer than a 25 foot cable
  • Compatible with all Linear receivers with Type F antenna connector
  • Receives signals in 288 to 320 MHz range
  • .......more details

Linear Proximity Cards - Linear Format ACP00739 25/Pkg

  • The Model AM-PC Proximity Card is a Wiegand format proximity type access control card with a slot for attaching to a key ring use with AM-PR proximity reader.
  • Passive operation
  • Low-cost
  • Durable
  • 25 piece bulk pack minimum order
  • Dimensions: 3.4" L x 1.9" W x 0.13" Thick
  • .......more details

Nortek Linear Weatherproof Keypad

  • 120 users
  • Indoor/outdoor self contained brushed metal housing
  • Surface mount vandal resistant design
  • One piece housing suitable for wall post or gooseneck mounting
  • Durable metal Braille alpha-numeric keys
  • 4 on board programmable timed relays
  • .......more details

Linear 4-Channel Multi-Code Visor Transmitter 310 MHz

  • Open/Close remote for 4 doors
  • Compatible with 310 MHz Stanley and Multi-Code receivers
  • Supplied with visor clip
  • Easy access to battery and coding switches - 10 dip switches
  • Power: 9-volt battery
  • Codes: 512 per channel (set by dip switches)
  • .......more details

Linear Trolley Assembly


Linear 1-Channel MegaCode Gate Receiver 318 MHz *** Discontinued

  • Activates one gate or device
  • Supplied with F-connector and whip antenna
  • Mounting bracket supplied
  • Memory: storage for up to 40 MegaCode transmitters
  • Power: 24 VAC/VDC
  • Codes: 1000000+ (MegaCode format)
  • .......more details

Linear 1-Channel MegaCode Receiver 318 MHz *** Discontinued

  • Activates one device
  • Wire lead antenna
  • Mounting bracket supplied
  • Memory: storage for up to 10 MegaCode transmitters
  • Power: 24 VAC/VDC
  • Codes: 1000000+ (MegaCode format)
  • .......more details

Linear Drive Sprocket Holder and Belt Clamp


Linear MegaCode Wireless Keypad 318 MHz Black ** To Extent of Inventory

  • Activates multiple MegaCode receivers
  • User selects 1 to 6 digit PIN number or 1 to 6 letter PIN name
  • Programming is easy via the keypad; MegaCode receiver auto-learns PIN
  • Backlit keys for easy viewing
  • Wall mounting hardware (2 screws and anchors) supplied
  • Power: Three AAA batteries
  • .......more details

Linear 1-Channel Visor Transmitter 318MHz

  • Activates one MegaCode receiver
  • Test/operate LED
  • Visor mounting clip supplied
  • Visor clip mounts vertical or horizontal
  • Power: One 2032 battery
  • Codes: 1000000+ (MegaCode format)
  • .......more details

Linear 10ft Chain T- Rail for LD050/LS050/LDCO (HCT10C)

  • 10ft chain-drive T-rail for LDO33 LDO50 LSO50 LCO75 & LDCO800 door operators
  • Fully-assembled & pre-tensioned

Linear Key (1) only for AK-11

  • Replacement Key ONLY qty: 1 only

Linear Wall Station

  • Wired wall station with light and lock features.