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Linear LDCO Control Board BBU Compatible *** USE HAE00077 instead

  • DC motors

Linear 800 Newton DC Powered Garage Door Opener Accept Both Belt or Chain Rail *Replaced by LDCO863B*

  • The energy-efficient DC-powered operator that runs at an AC-equivalent speed.
  • DC drive motor with soft-start and soft-stop for smooth quiet long-term reliable performance.
  • Optional Battery Backup available for added peace of mind. Sold separately
  • Low-power standby mode dramatically reduces energy consumption
  • Supplies 800 Newtons of lifting force for heavy doors
  • Compatible with belt-drive or chain-drive T or I beam rails up to 10'
  • .......more details

Linear 1-Channel Delta3 Gate Receiver 310 MHz ** Available to extent of inventory

  • 1-Channel Gate Receiver
  • High-sensitivity short-range radio receiver
  • Operates in conjunction with the 9-inch local antenna (supplied).
  • Designed for use with automatic gate operators or systems where a remote antenna is needed.
  • Same as: DNR00013P

Linear Main Cover for LDCO841/863B


Linear 8ft Belt & Inner Slide Assembly (HBT8)


Linear 8ft Chain Assembly (HCT8)


Linear LDCO Control Board (841/850/852/863B)


Linear Delta3 Safety Edge Transmitter 310 MHz

  • Activates one Delta-3 receiver for remote stop or reverse safety edge
  • No cables or coiled wires
  • Mounting screws (4) supplied
  • Power: 9-volt battery
  • Codes: 256 (set by dip switches)
  • RF frequency: 310 MHz
  • .......more details

Linear / GTO 1-Button Transmitter 318 Mhz

  • Standard transmitter included with all GTO gate operators
  • Much smaller in size than previous model and improved signal range
  • The single button controls the gate operator and has adjustable code settings and has (new miniature) visor clip for your vehicle and now a whole for key-ring or key chain.
  • It is compatible with GTO and Mighty Mule gate operators
  • The code settings are the 9 dipswitches located inside the cover.
  • Measures: 2-1/2 H x 1-1/2 W x 9/16 D.
  • .......more details

Linear 4-Channel Block Coded MegaCode Key Ring Trans Prox Transmitter 318 MHz

  • Compatible with all Linear access receivers and controllers
  • Built-in 26-bit Wiegand proximity tag
  • Eliminates need for separate proximity card or tags and transmitter
  • Supplied with quick-disconnect key ring
  • Same facility and ID codes for transmitter and proximity tag
  • Sold in lots of 10
  • .......more details

Linear 1-Channel Hand-Held Mid-Range Transmitter ** To extent of inventory

  • Up to two miles of line-of-sight range
  • RF transmit LED
  • Push button activation
  • Includes belt clip
  • Antenna included
  • Power: Two 9-volt batteries
  • .......more details

Linear Interior Digital Keypad***to extent of inventory

  • The keypad is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure and is designed to be mounted in a standard single-gang electrical box. The die-cast keys have bright easy-to-read yellow graphics.
  • It is supplied with four different plastic snap-on mounting bezels to customize the look of the keypad. The satin-chrome bezel comes factory installed on the keypad. The white ivory & bronze bezels are packaged separately.
  • Up to 480 entry codes from 1 to 6 digits in length can be programmed. They can activate either or both of the relay outputs.
  • Relay #1 has a 5 Amp capacity. Relay #2 has a 1 Amp capacity. The relays can be set for timed or latch-on/latch-off toggle operation per each individual entry code.
  • The on or off toggle state of a relay is maintained even after power interruption. When power is restored to the keypad each relay will assume the state it was in when power was removed.

Linear Wiegand Output Receiver 318 MHz

  • Designed for use as an access control interface for Linear’s block coded digital transmitters.
  • The unit receives signals from transmitters adds a facility code to the data and sends the information to the Wiegand input of the access control panel via a 5-wire connection
  • Ideal way to facilitate handicapped access
  • Multi-button transmitters can double as personal emergency devices for triggering security alarms
  • RF input/Wiegand output receiver supports 26 30 and 31-bit data formats
  • Wide selection of MegaCode (over 1 million codes) format transmitters with available block coding
  • .......more details

Linear LDCO Motor with Encoder

  • For LDCO800 operators manufactured before 04/2011 compatible replacement part number HAE00053 for motor with encoder and HAE00054 for encoder board.

Linear 1-Channel Visor Transmitter MegaCode 318 MHz

  • Compatible with all Linear access receivers and controllers
  • Superior transmission range
  • Factory programmed MegaCode format supports over 1000000 codes
  • Unique ”Extra” top button
  • High visibility operate LED
  • Visor clip included
  • .......more details

Nortek LCD Display Assembly AE5/AE1K ***NLA***

  • Replacement screen only

Linear GTO Battery and Transformer

  • Base station not included

Linear 1-Channel Visor Transmitter MegaCode Block Coded 318 MHz

  • Compatible with all Linear access receivers and controllers
  • Superior transmission range
  • Unique ”Extra” top button
  • High visibility operate LED
  • Visor clip included
  • Sold in lots of 10
  • .......more details

Linear Proximity Card SecuraKey Custom Coded Linear Format ACP00739C

  • The Model AM-PC Proximity Card is a Wiegand format proximity type access control card with a slot for attaching to a key ring use with AM-PR proximity reader.
  • Passive operation
  • Low-cost
  • Durable
  • Custom Coded. Must provide Facility Code and Start #
  • Dimensions: 3.4" L x 1.9" W x 0.13" Thick
  • .......more details

Linear Complete Hardware Kit for LDO LSO LCO

  • Includes all the hardware needed to install the operator in its entirety.
  • Includes the rail hardware (door bracket and header bracket) and hardware for installing the safety beams.