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Overhead Limit Cam

  • Compatible with Overhead models: RD RDA RDB SDA SEL SEL+ MD L L+ RG+ RDB+ JST+ EL FL SFL and DSB

Genie Magnetic Close Down Limit Switch Assembly 138"

  • For Chain Glide models

Genie Up Limit Switch Assembly 66" Wire

  • For up direction on a ChainGlide System using magnetic limits
  • For models: 350ML 500ML 700ML 800ML and other ML Series ChainGlide door openers
  • Also for Overhead Door Python ChainGlide garage door openers
  • 66" inches of wire attatched

Genie Limit Switch Screw Drive

  • For use on Genie screw-drive openers.
  • Compatible with ALL Genie Screw and Trac Drive garage door openers with standard rail assemblies
  • Replaces either the UP or the DOWN limit switch
  • Replaces Genie Genius Trac Drive limit switch models 19795S and 22785R
  • Not compatible with excelerator models

Genie Chain Drive Dog Limits 3-PKG

  • Replacement limits for older model Genie Chain Drive openers with steel T-Rail assembly
  • Replaces the clip-on limit switch
  • Limit dogs external rail-mounted limit switches

Genie Limit Switch Lead Wire Brown

  • Brown - Used to connect down limit to sequensor
  • For Screw drive models

Genie Down Limit Switch Assembly 138 " Wire

  • Magnetic limit switch for down direction.
  • The limit wire is moulded into the limit.
  • For Genie Excelerator Screw Drive garage door opener models: PRO99-IC CMD9900-IC ISD990-1 ISD990-2 ISD1000-2

Genie Up Limit Switch Assembly 66 " Wire

  • For use on 7'6" rail assemblies.
  • For Genie Excelerator models and Overhead Overdrive models
  • Open / Up magnetic limit switch

Genie Limit Switch Chain Drive

  • Compatible with the following operators: PMX700 GPS700-IC PMX1200 GPS1200-IC PMLD500 PMX500-IC/B PMX300-IC/B IC250/B PMX60-65-70-75-80-85-300IC-500IC-IC250 among others
  • For chain drive models with internal limits

Overhead Limit Cam Snap On for OHD Chain Model

  • For Overhead models #456 #551 #556 and the #65 series
  • Also called Limit Actuator
  • 105805-0002