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LiftMaster 7' chain drive rail 1707LMC - colour code: Green *Temporarily Out of Stock*

  • #48 chain size
  • Price reflects cost if purchased with an opener

LiftMaster 8' chain drive rail 1708LMC - colour code: Blue *Temporarily Out of Stock*

  • #48 chain size
  • Price reflects cost if purchased with an opener

LiftMaster 10' belt drive rail 2770BD - colour code: Blue

  • Price reflects cost if purchased with an opener

LiftMaster 8' belt drive rail 2778BD - colour code: White

  • Price reflects cost if purchased with an opener

LiftMaster 1-btn Transmitter Sec+ 2.0

  • Controls a single garage door opener or gate operator or MyQ® enabled light accessory
  • Equipped with Security.0®®® rolling code technology that virtually eliminates radio wave interference
  • 3V lithium battery included
  • Compatible only with Security.0®®® LiftMaster® garage door openers or gate operators .......more details

LiftMaster 8ft Double Angle Rail for Commercial Trolley Operators 19-5808-P

  • Double Angle Rails for doors up to 8' 6" high
  • Works with models : MT T GT APT
  • Indicated selling price is calculated with the purchase of a commercial operator. For pricing on a double angle rail only please contact us

LiftMaster Trolley-Slider Assembly (08-10169)

  • For LiftMaster trolley models MT T GT
  • Also known as # 08-10169

LiftMaster 2-Strand Bell Wire 500ft White/Red

  • 2 strand 22 gauge tin-dipped copper hook-up wire
  • Color coded White & White/Red wires

LiftMaster 2-Strand Bell Wire 500ft White/Black

  • 2 strand 22 gauge tin dipped copper hook-up wire
  • Color coded White & White/black wires

LiftMaster Light-Duty Dual-Rated Trolley Operator

  • Wi-Fi enabled ®®® completes the LiftMaster Light-Duty product family with Wi-Fi on board
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables access to myQ® or myQ Business®®®
  • Security 2.0®
  • Dual-sided lighting with light lenses provides superior illumination .......more details

LiftMaster Wall Control Panel

  • Wired multi-function control panel
  • Push-button is illuminated for convenience
  • Includes an adjustable light timer
  • For use with opener built January 1995 .......more details

LiftMaster 8' I-Beam Rail 3708CH / CD1008

  • I-Beam Chain Drive Rail for model 3595

LiftMaster RPM Sensor Assembly

  • RPM sensor for Liftmaster Logic Control L2 L3 L4 & L5 Commercial operators

LiftMaster Electric Motor 3/4 HP 230/240V 3P L5

  • This is a replacement Motor Kit (3/4 HP 230/460V 3PH L5).
  • Compatible with various LiftMaster® Logic 5.0 Standard-Duty Belt Commercial Door Operators

LiftMaster Snappy Beam Sensors

  • Will work on all LiftMaster residential openers equipped with safety beams
  • For newer models 1999-current will fit on existing brackets
  • For older models 1993-1999 new brackets #41A5281 are required or use old style safety beams #41A4373A

LiftMaster Universal Receiver Sec+ 2.0

  • Designed for both gated communities and commercial buildings.
  • Innovative and esclusive narrow band multi-frequency radio which virtually eliminates radio interference and eliminates customer call backs due to poor range performance.
  • Three channels provide expanded remote control capacity: Channel 1 - 50 remotes Channel 2 - 20 remotes Channel 3 - 20 remotes
  • Multiple remote control options available to provide secure access from the safety and convenience of a vehicle .......more details

LiftMaster Idler - Cable Pulley

  • For square rail assemblies
  • Same as 144C0056

LiftMaster Universal 2-btn Transmitter Next Generation

  • Dual frequency universal transmitter
  • Will activate 2 different types of openers (1 on each button)
  • Compatible with major brands except Marantec & Hormann
  • Visor clip and battery CR2032 included

LiftMaster Light Curtain

  • Must be used with a primary entrapment device and be installed along the vertical plane of the door.
  • Color-coded transmitter and receiver for easy identification.
  • Provides 36 in. of effective height coverage to increase the area of protection.
  • Multiple sets of LC-36A curtains can be mounted on a door providing coverage flexibility. .......more details

LiftMaster Lear CAR2U Repeater

  • ® The Lear Car2U® repeater kit allows compatibility between new Chamberlain® Sears Craftsman® or LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers and the Car2U system in your vehicle. ®® The Car2U system is a garage door opener integrated into your vehicle