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Manaras Hand Crank Shaft 5/8" Sold per Foot Max. Length 12ft

  • Must specify exact length required when ordering

Manaras Hand Crank Field Modification Kit

  • For in-field upgrade on OGH and MGH operators

Manaras Hand Crank Modification

  • For manual operation with a hand crank instead of a chain hoist.
  • Hand crank hook and eye outlet is supplied.
  • A 5/8" rod or pipe (SHAFT002) is required but not supplied
  • SHAFT002 should be ordered separately and desired cut-to length specified at time of order.
  • This modification is also available for in the field upgrade - see MODKIT074
  • This modification applies to OGH and MGH operators
  • .......more details

Manaras Friction Clutch Mod. #50 Chain Gear Head Operators

  • Installed directly on the output shaft of the operator.
  • Provides added protection by causing the clutch to slip when the door systems requires adnormal torque to be operated.
  • Includes sprocket for #50 chain
  • Operator mounting side must be specified
  • A spreader bar cannot be used in conjunction with this modification
  • This modification applies to OGH and MGH operators
  • .......more details

Manaras Safepack 24V Control Circuit

  • A safepack module is used as an "Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relay" and in hazardous locations with non-voltage producing sensors allowing the user to use a N.O. non-monitored sensing edge.

Manaras Factory Installed Mod plug-in receiver for Board 70 operators 390 MHz

  • Direct ECB plug-in receiver card (factory installed)
  • 16 transmitters maximun per receiver.
  • Use part # RADIO-KIT004 when adding or replacing on-site.
  • This is now standard equipment on all Circuit board operators