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LiftMaster Full Belt Assembly for 10ft Door

  • For belt drive models: 2500 2580 2280 3500 3280 3280M 3850 8355 2585 3585 2500B & D

Genie Chain Drive Bullet Assembly

  • This Genie chain drive bullet assembly is the white piece that holds the chain for the garage door opener together.
  • Works with chain model Genie garage door openers that have a C-Channel rail.
  • The chain carriage assembly for these models also attaches to this chain bullet assembly allowing it to move the garage door open and closed up and down the rail.
  • Assembly contains: The 2 Bullet side white pieces and the four screws to install it .......more details

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly 41A5685

  • Assembly includes: Circuit board end panel and light socket
  • For belt drive units with two lights such as 3850C
  • Same as 41A5685

LiftMaster Chain Spreader

  • For models 2575 3575 3275 PD752 PD758 and others

Lynx Proline Drive Shaft Assembly with Helical Gear

  • Assembly includes the output shaft and nylon gear

LiftMaster Full Belt Assembly for 8ft Door

  • For belt drive models: 2500 2580 2280 3500 3280 3280M 3850 8355 2585 3585 2500B & D

LiftMaster Light Lens for 8360 8550 8355

  • Replacement light lens

LiftMaster Electric Motor w/Travel Module Belt Drive

  • For 8355 model opener

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board (41A5021-1I)

  • This circuit board works with Security openers with no light socket.
  • Same as 41A5021-1I

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board with Plate 390MHz *** No Longer Available


Marantec Replacement Belt with Tab for 8ft Door

  • Overall Belt Length = 250"
  • Travel limit tab attached to belt
  • For Marantec opener models: M4500 M4700 Q7500 Q7700 Q7900 M4500e M4700e M4900e Synergy 260 Synergy 270 Synergy 280 Synergy 360 Synergy 370 Synergy 380 Synergy Solo
  • Check the Belt Connector while you are replacing the belt. If it's worn or cracked it should also be replaced

Genie Clip and Collar Rail Connectors

  • For Genie screw drive units having split rails use a collar and spring clip to join the 3-piece screw.
  • Complete collar and clip set for one 3-piece rail.
  • Compatible with all screw drive Genie garage door openers
  • Set of 2 clips and 2 collars .......more details

Lynx RPM Reader Board Proline


Surge Protector1080 Joules UL Listed (041008)

  • Woods surge protector
  • Full 3 line protection
  • Electrical rating ®®® 15 A 120 VAC 1800 W
  • Voltage protection ®®® L-N: 400V L-G: 500V N-G: 400V .......more details

Marantec Power Board for RV- 8000 & LC-1000 Models


Marantec Reference Switch for Chain Rails

  • This part works with the positioning tab and motor to determine the open & close limits of the actual garage door.

Lynx Carriage Assembly (Nylon)

  • Proline / Lynx 455 Plus trolley slide assembly
  • For operators built from 2000

Marantec Shark Tooth Position Reference Tab Chain Rail

  • For chain rails.
  • This part is installed inside rail on the actual chain.
  • This part works with the reference switch to determine the open & close limits of the garage door.
  • Reference switch part # 104083

LiftMaster Electronic Circuit Board Assembly

  • Assembly includes: Logic board end panel and light socket
  • For chain drive models with 2-lights
  • Fits 1265 Security 390MHz

Genie Chain Drive Sprocket

  • For Genie & Overhead Door Models
  • This is a 8-tooth sprocket with a hex drive bore
  • Genie Brand Models: Relia-G 600 Relia-G 800 1024 2024 QuietLift-600 QuiteLift-800 1042 2042 ChainLift-800 ChainLift-600
  • Overhead Door Brand Models With CHAIN DRIVE: Legacy 800 2026 Standard Drive 1026