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LiftMaster Chain Pulley Bracket Kit

  • Also known as: 1B3214 1A2780 1C2762 41A2780 41B3214
  • Compatible with ATS 2595 3595 models

Genie Idler Pulley for Stealth Chain Drive

  • Fits Genie Stealth model
  • 1/4®®® bore
  • Channel style rails

LiftMaster Light Lens (41D7572)


Lynx RPM Reader Wheel


Lynx RPM Reader Board Bracket Only


Genie Up Limit Switch Assembly 66 " Wire

  • For use on 7'6" rail assemblies.
  • For Genie Excelerator models and Overhead Overdrive models
  • Open / Up magnetic limit switch

Genie Down Limit Switch Assembly 138 " Wire

  • Magnetic limit switch for down direction.
  • The limit wire is moulded into the limit.
  • For Genie Excelerator Screw Drive garage door opener models: PRO99-IC CMD9900-IC ISD990-1 ISD990-2 ISD1000-2

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board DC. WiFi CJO Sectional

  • 050DCJCWFSD is a 315MHz Security 2.0® Receiver Logic Board featuring Wi-Fi® with myQ® technology.
  • For use with various LiftMaster® Light-Duty Series Jackshaft Door Operators for sectional doors; manufactured after 2018.
  • The unit will feature a yellow learn button.

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board Sec+2.0 Non-MyQ

  • 047DCT is a replacement Security 2.0® receiver logic board.
  • This replacement board does not feature MyQ® technology.
  • This 315MHz receiver logic board is compatible with various LiftMaster® AC chain drive and belt drive garage door openers; made after 2011.
  • The unit will feature a yellow learn button.

LiftMaster Gear & Sprocket Assembly for ATS211X

  • For models: ATS211X ATS2113X
  • For older model ATS211 use part number 41C4470

LiftMaster Chain Spreader Kit

  • Chain Spreader Replacement Kit.
  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Chain drive garage door opener models.
  • Complete kit includes: Chain spreader replacement screws and washers.
  • Also known as: 41A4208 41A4208-2 062210

Genie Opener Sprocket 10 Tooth

  • 10 Tooth Sprocket.
  • For Chain Drive Models: IC250 IC250B PMX60 PMX65 PMX75 PMX80 PMX85 PMX300-IC/A PMX500IC/A PMX300IC/B PMX700 PMX1200 GPS700 GPS1200-IC.

Genie Screw Drive Coupler

  • This coupler only works on the following models manufactured after June 2011.
  • TriloG 1200 (3064) TriloG 1500 (4064)
  • PowerMax 1200 (3062) PowerMax 1500 (4062)
  • GPower 900 (2564) .......more details

LiftMaster End Panel with all Labels and Light Socket for 8550W

  • End panel that goes on model 8550W only
  • For the circuit board order 45ACT

LiftMaster Wiring Harness Kit High Voltage

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® AC Chain Drive Garage Door Openers; manufactured after 2001

Linear Pulley & Bracket Assembly - Belt (HBT)


Genie Sprocket Bushing *** Discontinued

  • For Genie Chain Drive or Belt Drive Channel Rails.
  • Fits the following models: PMX700 PMX1200 GPS00-IC GPS1200-IC
  • This items is no longer available

LiftMaster Trolley Threaded Shaft D-Shape

  • For use with various LiftMaster® Belt Drive Garage Door Openers that utilize a T-rail.

Micanan Keyway 3/16 SQ x 1-1/4" Long


LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board WiFi Dock Door Jackshaft

  • 050DCDDOWF is a Receiver Logic Board Replacement Kit.
  • Compatible with LiftMaster® Model DDO8900W DC Light-Duty Commercial Jackshaft Operators; featuring WiFi®