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LiftMaster 8ft Belt Assembly for Models '93-2000

  • For use with LiftMaster belt drive models 1270 1280 1280R.
  • Full belt assembly
  • For use with Chamberlain belt drive models 8100 8200 and 9200.
  • For standard 8 foot high garage doors .......more details

LiftMaster Electric Motor and Bracket Kit

  • Complete kit includes: Motor and bracket assembly sprocket RPM sensor grease and bearings
  • Also known as: 41D3058 41A2821 41A2820 41A3058

LiftMaster End Panel WiFi Logic Board


LiftMaster Wire Harness Dual Light

  • Wire Harness Replacement Kit.
  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Garage Door Openers; manufactured 2005 to 2013 that feature a dual light system

LiftMaster Wire Harness LED

  • Same as 041D9204

LiftMaster Belt Pulley Bracket Kit

  • Works on models 1270. 1280 & 1280R

LiftMaster Hardware Installation Bag for 3800


Marantec 2 Piece Logic Board with Terminal Strip for EOS Models

  • For use on Easy Operating System (EOS) units 4500E 4700E and M50.
  • Includes the terminal strip for direct replacement of boards that had a power surge or burned out.
  • The marantec old model number was 78914 it is now 97798.

Marantec Relay Power Board for M4500 Models

  • Same as # 83364

LiftMaster End Panel with all Labels and Light Socket

  • End panel that goes on model 8355
  • For the circuit board order 45ACT

LiftMaster Header Bracket and Clevis Pin


LiftMaster Cover Only for 8550W

  • One piece cover is compatible with LiftMaster Model 8550W Elite Series

Genie Carriage Release Assembly Belt Drive ** No Longer Available

  • Carriage slide sold seperately- part number 27175B
  • This carriage is used for Genie and Overhead chain and belt channel rails

LiftMaster Belt Cap Retainer

  • Same as 41C4371

LiftMaster Door Arm Kit Straight and Curved Arms

  • Kit contains: Straight arm Curved arm and hardware bag

LiftMaster Battery/ Logic Board Cover RJO

  • Compatible with 8500 and 8500W

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board 390 MHz

  • Also known as: 41A5483-15 41A5635
  • Compatible with a number of dual capacitor chain drive models including 2575 2585 2595 PD752 and PD758S manufactured between 2001 and 2005

Genie Optical Encoder AC Screw Drive Models

  • Compatible with models; 2562 2564 2568 PowerLift® GPower 900
  • Also called the RPM sensor it is used to resolve the issue of short travel problems or drifting limits on the garage door opener.
  • Single & Dual encoder

Genie Chain Glide Rear Housing Cover

  • Compatible with models: PCG400 PCG450 PCG500ML PCG600 PCG700ML PCG700FN GCG350L GCG350ML H2000C 1020L 2020L
  • Contains gear housing cover only

Lynx Straight Arm for Proline Operator

  • Used on Proline residential garage door openers