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Linear 7ft Belt & Inner Slide Assembly (HBT7)


LiftMaster Electronic Circuit Board Assembly ** To Extent of Inventory

  • Assembly includes: Logic board end panel and light socket
  • For chain drive models with 2-lights
  • Fits 1265 Security + 390MHz
  • Also known as; 41A5021 41A5021-B 41A5021-C 41A5021-D 41A5021-E 41A5021-F 41A5021-G 41A5021-H

Linear Pulley and Bracket - Chain (HCT)


LiftMaster Pulley Only for Cable Pulley Bracket

  • Also known as: 144A12 144B16

Linear LDCO Encoder Board


Genie Belt Drive Sprocket

  • Works for the following Belt Drive models: Relia-G 600 (model 1024) Relia-G 800 (model 2024) QuietLift 600 (model 1042) QuietLift 800 (model 2042) Overhead Door (model 1026) Overhead Door Legacy 800 (model 2026)
  • 14 tooth belt sprocket for Genie and Overhead Door belt drive garage door openers
  • Solid metal upgraded replacement sprocket

Genie Belt and Bullet Assembly 7ft

  • For 7' Tall Doors Only
  • Fits the following models: IntelliG 1000 (3024) IntelliG 1200 (4024)
  • SilentMax 1000 (3042) SilentMax 1200 (4042)

Lynx Inner Trolley (Metal)

  • Proline / Lynx 455 Plus trolley slide assembly
  • For operators built from 2000 +

Overhead Limit Cam

  • Compatible with Overhead models: RD RDA RDB SDA SEL SEL+ MD L L+ RG+ RDB+ JST+ EL FL SFL and DSB

Skylink Pulley Assembly - Belt

  • Fits Skylink & Mastercraft 046-0266-0 belt model openers

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board with Purple Learn Button *** Discontinued

  • For LiftMaster models: 1345 1346 1355 and 1356
  • For Chamberlain models: CG40D & CG42D
  • Replaces Reciever Logic Boards: 41A5021-1H-315 41A5021-4M-315 41A6135-1A 41A6148-1 and 41A6148-1A

LiftMaster Wiring Harness Camera/LED Pod Dual Lens

  • This replacement kit is compatible with the follwoing models: 84501 84602 85702 85702 87504 87802 B4603T B4603TC B6713T B6713TCH B6753T B6753TCH

Marantec RPM Sensor with Wire Harness

  • For use on M-line/Q-line/EOS models

LiftMaster Filter Board w/Screws **to extent of inventory

  • For model: 8550

LiftMaster Chain Spreader Kit

  • Chain Spreader Replacement Kit.
  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Chain drive garage door opener models.
  • Complete kit includes: Chain spreader replacement screws and washers.
  • Also known as: 41A4208 41A4208-2 062210

LiftMaster End Panel Logic Board

  • 041D9276 is a End Panel for Receiver Logic Board with LED Light Connector Replacement Kit.
  • For use with LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Garage Door Openers Powered by myQ®; manufactured after 2018
  • Compatible with WLED model

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly

  • For belt drive unit model 3500 (315MHz)
  • Assembly includes: Board end panel and light socket
  • Also known as 041DB001-1C

LiftMaster U Bracket Adaptor

  • Also known as: 062314 12D598-1 12D598 41D598-1
  • For use with various Chamberlain® Belt Drive and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers and square rail assemblies

LiftMaster Wiring Harness Kit Low Voltage

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster Light Lens for 8500

  • Also known as: 108D96-1 41D96-1 108D0096-1