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Miller Edge Wireless Air Wave Switch Transmitter/Receiver Kit

  • AW14-RF is the AW14 air wave switch with a transmitter embedded within the switch enclosure and the receiver wires into the operator.
  • There is no need to hardwire coil cords or retracting reels which saves installation time and improves visual aesthetics.
  • The AW-14-RF-K10 switch kit includes a MRF-01 receiver which is wired to the motor controls.
  • Battery is included # CR2032

Coil Cord 4 Wire 18-Gauge Black Extends 24ft


Miller Edge Yellow Left Hand Outlet 2-Wire 2" wide x 1-1/2" high Sold by the Foot

  • Pressure sensitive electric edge designed to fit most sectional doors
  • Soft ends
  • Coil Cord attached Retracting reel
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally .......more details

Miller Edge MU22 2-Wire Right Hand Black - Sold per Foot

  • MU style bumpers are designed for use with aircraft hanger doors and large specialty doors.
  • Must specify the exact length in feet and inches when ordering.
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Sensitivity: nominal 6-8 psi

Carlo Gavazzi Photoelectric Sensor Thru-Beam Transmitter

  • Maximum sensing distance is 20 meters
  • 11-pin
  • Waterproof for harsh environment i.e. water dust steam etc.
  • To be used with amplifier series S142. .......more details

Carlo Gavazzi Photoelectric Sensor Thru-Beam Receiver

  • Maximum sensing range is 20 meters
  • 11-Pin
  • 8 inch optical beam angle.
  • Waterproof for harsh environments i.e. water dust steam etc. .......more details

Prime Guard Monitored Thru-Beam Photoeye Kit 50 ft Range Relay Output

  • Prime Guard's rugged housing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Dimensions: 5.1" H x 2.8" L x 1.8" W
  • Weight (Em): 12.2 oz. (Em)
  • Weight (Rx): 11.2 oz. (Rx) .......more details

Miller Edge Light Curtain Monitored 3ft

  • Rod size: 3 ft
  • Meets UL325 safety standard
  • Connects directly to all brands of commercial operators without having to use the photocells that are included
  • For Non-Monitored commercial operators add: MIRC-02

Hercules Infrared Programming Remote Black

  • Conveniently choose from 8 different preset comfort functions to adjust detection fields mounting heights relay hold interval cross traffic optimization direction recognition people/vehicle separation slow motion detection turn on/off filter functions op
  • Bidirectional
  • Fine-tune the motion detector from the ground without guessing if all the settings have been received by the sensor

Miller Edge Patriot 2 Photo Eye Fail Safe 30ft Non-Contact

  • Meets current UL325 standards for commercial door and gate operators*
  • Thru Beam technology minimizes false reflective signals
  • Travels with the door
  • Easy to Align .......more details

Miller Edge Air Wave Switch Only No Enclosure

  • Works with "feather edge" type edges
  • Height: 1.25"
  • Width: 1.20"
  • Length: 1.73" .......more details

Miller Edge MU22 2-Wire Non-Monitored Left Hand Gray - Sold per Foot

  • When touched lightly or at an angle the MC22 will send an immediate electrical signal to your controls to stop and/or reverse operations.
  • It is completely flexible and will contour curved surfaces.
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Sensitivity: nominal 4-7 lbf .......more details

Miller Edge 2-Wire Pressure Sensitive Edge Sold per Foot

  • Applications: Rolling steel doors and Material handling systems

LiftMaster Optical Edge System 16ft

  • Sectional door edge kit 16ft (4.9M)

EMX Industries Plug-in Loop Detector for Liftmaster operators ** To extent of inventory

  • Plug-in Loop detector for SL575 SL585 SL595 BG770 BG 79024VAC
  • Works with most LiftMaster gate operators
  • Won't work with Elite Series Mega Arm Slide & Swing
  • Simply plug it into the harness already in the operator .......more details

Miller Edge L-Shaped PVC Mounting Channel Sold by the Foot


LiftMaster Option Card with CPS-L Eyes with Nema 4 Enclosure

  • For applications requiring two sets of photoeyes ( CPS-III)
  • Industrial code technology
  • Durable steel brackets - floor or track mounting
  • Bright yellow safety color .......more details

Miller Edge Yellow RH 4-Wire Monitored 2" wide x 1-1/2" high Sold by the Foot

  • Pressure sensitive electric edge designed to fit most sectional doors
  • Soft ends
  • Coil Cord attached Retracting reel
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally .......more details

BEA Industrial Sensor Low Mount Dual Technology Presence Detection BEA-10IS40XL

  • Combines Microwave Motion Detection with Infrared Presence Detection
  • Bidirectional unidirectional approach and unidirectional depart microwave detection options. Six modes of detection filtering and 9 uniqueinfrared patterns for highliy flexible presence detection.
  • Up to 7 minimum object targets
  • Adjustable infrared immunity modes to mitigate environmental disturbances (vibrations light and sun) .......more details

Miller Edge PVC Mounting Channel Flat Sold by the Foot