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Genie Chain Drive Bullet Assembly

Item #: 37557R

Manufacturer: Genie / Overhead

List price: $19.99

  • This Genie chain drive bullet assembly is the white piece that holds the chain for the garage door opener together.
  • Works with chain model Genie garage door openers that have a C-Channel rail.
  • The chain carriage assembly for these models also attaches to this chain bullet assembly allowing it to move the garage door open and closed up and down the rail.
  • Assembly contains: The 2 Bullet side white pieces and the four screws to install it
  • Compatible with Genie models that have a chain rail: 1028 2028 3020H 3020H-B 3024 4024 3022 3042 3120H 3120H-B 4022 4042 4124 4164 (ChainMax ReliaG IntellG and TriloG series with these model numbers)