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Speed Bump Black 36" Econo Light Weight for Asphalt

Item #: 60-6550-A-BLK

Manufacturer: Misc Garage Door Dock & Gate

List price: $80.00

  • A standard speed bump system section includes (2) main pieces (2) endcaps x 5” long and (1) connector clip.
  • Main pieces may be added and connected to form larger units.
  • 36” long x 10.5” wide x 2” high (main piece)
  • EndCap: 5” Safety Snap On End Cap - sloped modular profile prevents tripping by pedestrians.
  • Yellow Plates: Each speed bump section is embedded with (6) yellow safety plates of weather resistant composite material for protection from salt freeze and thaw.
  • Can be used as a cable cover - bottom sides include 1” x 1½” channels for protecting temporary or permanent cables or hoses.
  • Anchor spikes or lags for installation included depending on application.
  • Weight: 11 lbs