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Genie Intellicode 3-Button Remote 37517S 390 MHz

Item #: GITR-3

Manufacturer: Genie / Overhead

List price: $45.00

Manuals & Brochures:
Programming Instructions, Instructions de programmation,
  • Replaces Series II GIT-1 GIT-2 & GIT-3
  • Battery Instructions Visor Clip Included
  • Note: Only the far right of the three buttons (1 dot button) will operate those older Genie Intellicode units built from 1995 through 1997.
  • If you have a Genie unit built in 1995 1996 or 1997 this is the only remote that Genie presently makes to operate the Genie garage door openers built during these years.
  • In this special case the remotes can only be used as 1 button remotes and no other multi-button Genie remote is compatible.