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Miller Edge Patriot 2 Photo Eye Monitored 30ft Non-Contact

Item #: MIRM-T2

Manufacturer: Miller Edge

List price: $500.00

  • Attaches directly to a Sectional door.
  • The photo eyes travel below the door during the closing cycle.
  • Unlike traditional static mount photo eyes; Patriot travels with the door sensing obstructions prior to contact.
  • The Patriot2 non-contact system consists of thru beam photo optics.
  • Emitting and receiving eyes mount into a rigid steel spring loaded retracting housing.
  • The housings attach to the bottom section of the door and extend below the leading edge of the door providing an invisible infrared light beam of protection.
  • If the beam is blocked the control unit signals the door operator to stop and/or reverse.
  • It is also available in fail safe wiring configuration (MIRF-T2).
  • Kit includes: Sender Receiver Telescopic Leg Kit 15 Feet Coil Cord and Junction Box with Cover