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Linear Residential Slide Gate Op. 1/2HP 230V 1 Ph - Cold Weather Package NOT Included

Item #: SLR-221

Manufacturer: Linear Corp

List price: $3000.00

  • Integral entrapment sensing system with digital set point for quick accurate adjustment and enhanced safety
  • Continuous-tone entrapment alarm with reset button
  • LED diagnostic display for ease of setup and troubleshooting
  • Selectable pre-start and run alarm with provision for ADA compliant visual pre-start and run alarm
  • Regulated 24 Volt DC power available for access control accessories
  • Integrated maximum run and auto close timer (0-9 minutes)
  • Built-in networked dual gate capability using 3-wire shielded cable
  • Maximum duty cycle: Continuous
  • Gate speed: 11 inches per second
  • Max. gate weight: 500 lbs