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Whiting Special Order Plywood Core Dry Freight Door Price by Quote Only


Manufacturer: Whiting and Whiting compatible

List price: $3000.00

  • Special order to customer's specs
  • Premium grade 7 ply 3/4” panels manufactured with a medium density overlay (MDO) laminated to smooth hardwood outer veneers of Transportation Core plywood all designed for optimum strength and appearance.
  • 2" track and rollers for durability.
  • Tongue and groove joint.
  • 2 cable balancer with independent spring for each cable. Springs treated with rust preventative.
  • 4 rows of hinges.
  • Patented roller-change hinge design.
  • Rigid Bottom U-channel with replaceable seal.
  • Coated steel or stainless steel rivets.
  • All door hardware E-COATED. (Automotive quality corrosion protection).
  • Prime painted at factory.